Department of Management Services

Art in the Capitol Competition

The 2016 Florida Legislature passed and Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 701 related to Art in the Capitol Competition. The Art in the Capitol Competition is a statewide visual arts competition that requires each school district to annually hold an art competition for all students grades 6 through 8 attending public schools, private schools and home education. The artwork should be judged by a selection committee consisting of art teachers whose students have not submitted work for the competition.

Artwork Parameters:

  • All work submitted must be two-dimensional.
  • All work submitted must weigh less than 15 pounds and not exceed 28”x28”x4.”
  • All work submitted must be original in concept, design and execution.
  • All work submitted must not violate any copyright laws.
  • All work submitted must include student’s name, grade, school, and city in which the school is located.

The winning selection from each district is to be given to the legislator of the district in which the student resides no later than 60 days prior to the start of the regular legislative session.

Once the school district submits the winning submission to the legislator of the district in which the student resides, the legislator or legislative staff will need to submit the winning submission to DMS at the following location:

Attn: Derick Allen
REDM, Dept. of Management Services
The Capitol, Suite LL-12
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Winning submissions should be sent or dropped off in a condition that is ready to be displayed. The department is currently collecting the winning submissions. In order to ensure artwork is properly displayed, all winning submissions should be provided by Tuesday, January 2, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. ET.

The department will collect and return all winning submissions to the appropriate legislator during the week of March 5-9, 2018.

Please contact Kim Vickery at 850-487-9928 or with questions regarding the submission and display of artwork in the Capitol.

To view a list of where each submitted art piece is located in the Capitol, please view the Art in the Capitol 2018 (Microsoft Excel Document 12.98 KB) spreadsheet.


Please note that the Department of Management Services is not responsible for any artwork that is lost, stolen, or damaged.