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Building Construction

Photograph of a construction site.

The Bureau of Building Construction oversees the construction of public buildings statewide. The bureau is also responsible for managing Fixed Capital Outlay (FCO) funds appropriated by the Florida Legislature and overseeing the repair and renovation of DMS-managed facilities. 

The bureau offers three distinct methods of support for tenant agency space improvement needs through Project Management and Renovations.

  1. Project Management is implemented via a Client Agency Agreements (CAA). Some examples of projects executed under a CAA include architectural, electrical, data, etc. Follow the link below for full details or to initiate a CAA. For project management services, DMS is statutorily authorized in section 215.196, Florida Statutes, to assess a fee for this service.
  2. For simple improvements within a tenant space that do not require any permitting, the bureau offers the option for Agency-Managed Projects (AMP). An AMP requires the approval of DMS but planning and implementation are solely the responsibility of the tenant agency. For a list of projects that fall into the scope of an AMP or to submit an AMP request follow the AMP link below.
  3. DMS-managed projects are statutorily mandated by the Legislature. All DMS-managed projects are initiated by proviso language within the General Appropriations Act which designates DMS as the sole project manager.


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Chief, Bureau of Building Construction Gene Nicoloso 850-488-2521
Deputy Chief, Bureau of Building Construction Robert Ihasz 850-412-6854
Construction Project Administrator Spencer Shepard 850-412-6856
Tenant Improvement Administrator Victoria Mitchell 850-921-6014