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Client Agency Agreements (CAA) are arrangements between the Department of Management Services (DMS) and a Requesting Agency (Client Agency) for DMS to manage a capital improvement project on the Client Agency’s behalf, per section 255.31, Florida Statutes.  For project management services, DMS is statutorily authorized in section 215.196, Florida Statutes, to assess a DMS Fee (formerly known as a DBC Fee) for this service.

   ARR and CAA Service Bulletin (Adobe PDF Document 171.90 KB)


How the CAA works:

  1. The Client Agency submits a Client Agency Agreement Request form via email to DMS clearly defining the desired project, and requests that DMS manage the project on behalf of the Client Agency.
  2. By entering into a CAA, the Client Agency gives DMS the authority to enter into contracts on the Client Agency’s behalf.
  3. Although DMS manages the project, financial/budgetary controls remain with the Client Agency.  DMS will provide consultation and assistance in this area, if needed.


Getting Started:

  1. The Client Agency completes the CAA Request Form (Adobe PDF Document 111.71 KB) and will email the form to
  2. When received, DMS will review the form for adequate funding, scope and time to complete among other items. If approved, DMS will draft a CAA and send to the Client Agency for signature.
  3. After signature, the Client Agency returns the signed CAA to DMS for execution.
  4. A DMS Project Manager will be assigned to the Client Agency’s project and project coordination begins.  We have provided an example of a Client Agency Agreement (Adobe PDF Document 1.20 MB).


Deadline: CAA and/or amendments must be fully executed six months prior to funds reversion date.

  • Example: If a CAA is funded using Operating funds which expire September 30, 20XX (if certified forwarded), the Requesting Client Agency must have the CAA request submitted and a contract executed by all parties no later than March 30, 20XX.  DMS typically requires two weeks for drafting and executing a CAA.
  • No new CAA requests will be accepted after March 31 for the current fiscal year.
  • Amendments to existing CAAs after March 31 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Additional Tools and Tips


Client Agency Budget Release

DMS recommends that each Client Agency follow its Agency’s internal budget release process.  For additional assistance, please call Donna Vollertsen, Chief of Business Support Services, at 850-487-1120.


Office of Policy and Budget (OPB) Approval

Per Memo #12-019, each agency shall submit contracts or contract amendments in excess of $1 million to OPB for approval and send to the Contracts Administrator before the contract or contract amendment can be signed. 



Please use the CAA best practices document (Adobe PDF Document 148.66 KB) provided by DMS for encumbering CAAs, Architect/Engineer contracts and Construction Manager contracts.


DMS Fee Calculator

As stated above, DMS is statutorily authorized by section 215.196, Florida Statutes, to assess a DMS Fee for managing a project.  This fee becomes part of the Architects Incidental Trust Fund.  This can be determined using the DMS CAA Fee Calculator.  This calculator is only to be used as a guide, with the actual fee being determined by the DMS Contracts Administrator upon completion of a CAA or CAA amendment.


Transferring Money between Projects

DMS does not have authority over the Client Agency’s budget, only the approval to spend up to the agreed upon amount. Effective July 1, 2017, no amendment requests to move CAA funding between existing CAA projects may be processed. Each project must be closed out via an amendment and a new CAA must be requested.