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Construction Manager Selection Process

DMS’ Project Manager and the owner establish the selection committee for the Construction Manager (CM). Once established, the committee proceeds, in accordance with Florida Statutes and Rule 60D of the Florida Administrative Code, to select the most qualified and experienced CM. Our Project Manager leads the committee through the selection process, which can overlap the Design Professional selection or design process. The CM selection process includes:

  • Establishment of Selection Committee and Selection Schedule
  • Advertisement for Construction Manager Services
  • Review of Applicant's Submittal Package by Selection Committee
  • Selection of Most Qualified Firms (Short List) by Selection Committee
  • Selection Committee Interviews and Ranks Short List Firms
  • Negotiate Agreement with Top Ranked Firm
  • Agreement Awarded to CM Firm

DMS Project Managers coordinate with our Contract Administrator, the client representative, and the ranked CM firms to establish a negotiation date. Prior to negotiations, we send written request to the CM firms to provide staffing, bonding, insurance, overhead and profit information. Having this information upfront shortens the negotiations period, thus allowing the construction process to begin sooner and ultimately reduces the cost of the project.