Department of Management Services

Forms and Documents



Design Professional

AE01 Invoice Routing Transmittal (Microsoft Excel Document 37.50 KB) (R08/2012)
AE02 A/E Invoice-1 page (Microsoft Excel Document 45.00 KB) (R08/2012)
AE02a A/E Invoice-2 pages  (Microsoft Excel Document 59.00 KB)(R08/2012)
AE02b A/E Invoice-3 pages (Microsoft Excel Document 67.00 KB) (R08/2012)
AE03 A/E Minority Business Enterprise Status Report of Partial Payment (Microsoft Excel Document 35.50 KB) (R3/2009)
AE05 Advertisement to Bid Construction (Adobe PDF Document 146.93 KB) (R07/2015)
AE06 Invitation to Bid (Adobe PDF Document 223.36 KB) (R07/2015)
AE07 Bid Tabulation (Microsoft Excel Document 47.00 KB) (R08/2013)
AE08 Construction Contract Change Order (Microsoft Excel Document 32.00 KB) (R06/2008)
AE09 Certificate of Substantial Completion by Contractor (Microsoft Excel Document 45.00 KB)
AE10 Final Pay Request Checklist (Adobe PDF Document 102.71 KB) (R10/2017)
AE11 Certificate of Contract Completion by Contractor (Microsoft Excel Document 27.00 KB)
AE12 Selection of Design Professional  (Adobe PDF Document 136.72 KB)(R07/2012)
AE12a Professional Qualification Supplement (PQS) (Microsoft Excel Document 48.17 KB) (R07/2012)
AE13 Authorization to Reconcile Design Professional Contract Fees (Microsoft Excel Document 32.50 KB)
AE14 Certificate of Specification No Prohibited Hazardous Material (Microsoft Excel Document 26.00 KB) (R11/2008)
AE18 ADA Compliance Form (Microsoft Excel Document 28.50 KB)

Required Forms for 60D-4 Rules (Florida Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Program):

Construction Contractor

CM01 Experience Questionnaire and Contractor's Financial Statement (Microsoft Word Document 94.00 KB)
CM02 RUSH Partial Payment Routing Transmittal  (Microsoft Excel Document 38.00 KB) (R08/2012)
CM03 Owner's Certificate of Partial Payment (Microsoft Excel Document 26.47 KB) (R05/2017)
CM04 Authorization to Adjust Contractor's Contingency (Microsoft Excel Document 34.00 KB)
CM05 CM's Status Report of Minority & Disabled Veteran's Business Enterprise (Microsoft Excel Document 29.00 KB)
CM07 Contractor's Affidavit of Contract Completion (Microsoft Excel Document 30.50 KB) (R05/2013)
CM09 Contractor's Proposal Letter (low Bid) (Microsoft Word Document 69.50 KB) (R03/2018)
FP01 Agency Continuing Contract Activity Quarterly Report (Microsoft Word Document 14.03 KB)
PD-24 Construction Manager Evaluation Form (Adobe PDF Document 111.16 KB)

Travel Forms - Consultant/Contractor

FMS-103-F4 Most Economical Method of Travel Cost Analysis for Consultant-Contractor (Microsoft Excel Document 15.99 KB) (R11/2011)
DFS-AA-13 Authorization to Incur Travel Expense for Consultant-Contractor  (Microsoft Excel Document 43.50 KB)
DMS Secretary’s Travel Approval Memorandum, Restricted Travel Authorization FY12-13 Form (Adobe PDF Document 155.18 KB)
DBF-AA-15 Voucher for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Consultant-Contractor (Microsoft Excel Document 38.50 KB)



Accident Prevention Sign Requirements (Adobe PDF Document 285.58 KB) (R02/2015)
ADA Procedure ADA Coordinator (Adobe PDF Document 75.24 KB)
AE and CM Continuing Contract Maps and Listings
Background Check Process (Building Construction Only) (Adobe PDF Document 207.16 KB) (R02/2017)
Design and Construction Guidelines (Adobe PDF Document 644.21 KB) (R2010)
Design Professional Fee Guidelines
Florida Building Code Information System (Department of Community Affairs)
Plans Exemption Law (Microsoft Word Document 29.50 KB)
Professional Services Evaluation Tables (Microsoft Excel Document 113.00 KB) (PD12 Rev 07/2012)
Professional Services Guide (Adobe PDF Document 355.70 KB) (R11/2005)
Sample Construction Manager Agreement (Adobe PDF Document 934.24 KB) (R07/2015)
DMS Prequalification Instructions to Submit Bid (Adobe PDF Document 125.27 KB) (PD18 - 01/2016)