Department of Management Services

Environmental Health and Safety

Photograph of pipes leading from a storage facility being inspected.

State agencies utilize DMS-managed buildings to carry out agency priorities each day with the expectation of functioning in a healthy and safe environment. Maintaining a healthy and safe environment in the DMS-managed buildings is an important oversight task of REDM that focuses on three categories:

Environmental Management – This includes Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal, Underground / Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank Management, Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (E.P.C.R.A. Tier II), PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) Management Remediation and Disposal, Storm Water Management and Permitting, and Environmental Studies and Remediation via Client Agency Agreements

Life Safety – This includes Asbestos Surveys, Management Plans and Remediation, Lead Surveys, Management Plans and Remediation, Indoor Air Quality Management Testing and Remediation, Radon Control and Mitigation, Integrated Pest Management Program, Mercury and Universal Recycling Program, and Emergency Power Generation for DMS-managed buildings

Safety Training – This includes Environmental Health and Safety Training for DMS personnel, as well as the DMS Technical Safety Program

Access important forms and documents, including the new Accident Prevention Sign Requirements (Adobe PDF Document 285.58 KB), on the Building Construction Forms and Documents page of this website. For more information, please contact Dan Callahan by email or phone (850-922-7535).