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Florida State-Owned Lands and Records Information System (FL-SOLARIS)


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The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Department of Management Services (DMS) have collaborated on the development of a legislatively required database to record and maintain the inventory of real estate properties that are “owned, leased, rented, or otherwise occupied” by any state government entity. The 2010 legislation required:

  • The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to create a comprehensive information system of all state-owned and leased real property.
  • Agencies to enter required real property information into the comprehensive real property system.
  • DEP, in coordination with DMS, to provide an annual report to the governor and legislature on properties recommended for sale or other disposition actions.

DEP and DMS have implemented the new Florida State Owned Lands and Records Information System (FL-SOLARIS). It is designed with two main components:

  • Facility Inventory Tracking System (FITS)
  • Lands Inventory Tracking System (LITS)


Facility Data Collection & Reporting

The FITS component is designed to give agencies an online interface to record data on their state-owned facilities, as well as provide the mechanism for agencies’ annual identification and reporting of properties that are candidates for disposition.

In 2011, in accordance with 2010-280 Laws of Florida (2010 SB1516), the state transitioned to agencies self-reporting owned or operated facilities. Another significant change to the process was reporting guidelines expanded the scope of the inventory to include all structures. The inventory encompasses more than 20,000 facilities and can be found at

With each reporting cycle, agencies will continue to annually self-report on owned or managed structures via the FL-SOLARIS FITS component. Reporting via FITS will associate or link facilities to specific land parcels. This FITS data will be integrated by FL-SOLARIS with available LITS data, providing the state’s real estate managers with a first-ever linkage of data for facilities and the lands they occupy.


Leasing Data Collection & Reporting

Facility Leases are not entered via FITS. The majority of agencies’ leasing operations are already under DMS purview and that leasing data will be transmitted to FITS by DMS. DMS will continue to conduct the required annual lease data validation.


FITS Information:


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