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The Bureau of Leasing’s Parking Services coordinates parking activities with state agencies that utilize parking facilities at DMS-managed buildings (Adobe PDF Document 2.39 MB), representing 25,000+ parking spaces in more than 100 parking structures statewide. The scope of services includes policies, rules and regulation changes, and the coordination of all maintenance at surface and garage parking lots statewide. The Parking Services staff works with agencies to manage assignments, terminations, contracts, and reassignments of Agency Quota (AQ) spaces. The staff also advises on matters of policy and administration of special assignments such as temporary and permanently disabled, contract employees, etc., as required by Florida Statutes, and Florida Administrative Code. The Parking Services staff manages 24,000+ parking spaces in more than  87 parking structures statewide. Please contact them at (850) 488-6683 or (850) 487-4986 for assistance with your parking needs.  

Please contact them at (850) 488-6683 or (850) 487-4986 for assistance with parking needs.


Information For:

Agency Administrators
Building Directory (Adobe PDF Document 2.39 MB)
Capitol Center Parking
New CCOC Parking Map (Adobe PDF Document 363.20 KB)
Downtown Parking Maps (Adobe PDF Document 472.87 KB)


Parking Permit Types:

A. Reserved Parking
Reserved parking allows employees to park in a reserved, numbered space. Reserved parking employees receive a parking tag to display on the vehicle license plate. The tag which indicates the lot and space number of the reserved space.

B. Permit Parking
Permit parking allows employees to enter a designated permit lot and park in an available non-reserved space is available. Permit parking employees receive a parking tag to display on the vehicle license plate, which indicates the appropriate lot number. The tag identifies the vehicle authorized to use the corresponding permitted lot.

C. Disabled Parking
Disabled parking spaces are available for disabled citizens and employees visiting a DMS-managed facility. Appropriate signage and blue pavement striping designate these spaces. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles regulates disabled decals and Disabled Veterans’ license plates, which are required for parking in a disabled parking space. Drivers utilizing these spaces without a disabled decal or license plate are subject to towing.

D. Scramble Parking

Scramble parking is available, on a first come, first serve basis, in some areas of the Capitol Center for employees who do not wish to lease a reserved space. An employee opting scramble parking must display their issued "scramble hang" tag on the rear view mirror of their vehicle.

E. Carpool

Reserved preferential parking is available at no charge to state employees who choose to carpool. A carpool consists of three or more state employees leaving from different origins to a similar destination.


Please contact Parking Services or click on Employee Parking to view parking rules and find the appropriate application for your parking needs.