Department of Management Services

Employee Parking

Photograph of the top deck of parking lot.

There are 5 types of parking at DMS-managed facilities:

  • Scramble
  • Visitor
  • Carpool
  • Reserved/Permit
  • Disabled


Parking Forms and Rules


Procedures For Reserved/Permit Parking

The following procedures are to be followed to initiate and complete contracts for reserved/permit parking and to issue parking tags.

A. DMS allocates a pro rata share of reserved/permit parking spaces as required to each agency. It is only from this allocation that the user agency has reserved/permit spaces to assign.

B. The Agency Parking Representative (APR) will represent the using Agency in all matters relating to the collection, refund, and accounting for fees by payroll deduction for designated/permit paid parking. Documents establishing or terminating payroll deductions will be approved by the APR who will be responsible for maintaining current and accurate payroll deduction data (lot, tag number, and fee for the personnel/payroll file) and submitting the same to DMS.

C. Prior to issuing a parking tag, the APR will require employee to execute a DMS Reserved/Permit Parking Contract that authorizes payroll deduction.

D. The parking fee for reserved/permit paid parking is:

  • Covered: Biweekly - $2.77; Monthly - $6.00
  • Uncovered: Biweekly - $1.85; Monthly - $4.00
  • Surface: Biweekly - $0.93; Monthly - $2.00

E. Additionally, the APR will:

  1. Act as liaison with DMS Parking Services.
  2. Receive, process, initiate, and forward paper work.
  3. Publish, as required, informational parking memoranda.
  4. Issue designated/permit parking tags.
  5. Maintain files and records to facilitate identification of contracted parking tag holders, and respond and comply when requested by DMS, Parking Services.
  6. Provide information to new parking contract holders regarding rules, statutes, and processes for obtaining parking tags, fees, and contract terminations.

F. Payment will be made by payroll deduction, Code 0437; payment is payable in advance.

G. Employees on authorized leave of absence without pay who wish to continue their parking contract must arrange this with their APR prior to such leave. A check payable to DMS for the employee’s period of leave is required in advance.

H. The following applies to the parking of state-owned vehicles and the issuing of designated/permit parking tags for use on state-owned vehicles:

  1. If the vehicle is assigned regularly to one agency employee, that employee will be responsible for paying the appropriate fee. The same procedure to obtain and use a designated/permit tag must be followed as if the vehicle were privately owned.
  2. If the vehicle is available regularly for use by more than one agency employee, the appropriate supervisor (or designee) shall execute the required DMS forms and shall arrange to pay the parking fees on an annual basis directly to DMS.

I. Replacement Reserved/Permit/Scramble Parking Tags or access Cards:

  1. When a reserved/permit or scramble tag is issued, the first tag is issued at no cost. Parking Services will issue a replacement tag after receipt of a tag application (form 5031) and the $2 non-refundable fee.
  2. Where applicable, the first access card is issued at no cost. Parking Services will issue a replacement access card after receipt of a statement explaining the necessity for securing a replacement. Depending on the location and type of access card, there is a non-refundable charge (ranges from $5-$25) for each replacement access card.
  3. Only the contract holder may acquire a replacement tag or access card.