Department of Management Services


State Agency Recycling Laws

403.7032 (3), F.S., Annual Reporting of Recycled Materials

This Florida statute requires each state agency, K-12 public school, public institution of higher learning, community college, and state university, including all buildings that are occupied by municipal, county, or state employees and entities occupying buildings managed by the Department of Management Services, must, at a minimum, annually report all recycled materials to the county using the department’s (DEP) designated reporting format.

403.7065, F.S., Procurement of Products or Materials with Recycled Content
This Florida statute requires any agency or person contracting with any state agency to procure products or materials with recycled content when the Department of Management Services determines that those products or materials are reasonably available within an acceptable period of time.

403.714, F.S., Duties of State Agencies
This Florida statute requires each state agency to establish a program for the collection of all recyclable materials generated in state offices and institutions throughout the state, including, at a minimum, aluminum, high-grade office paper, and corrugated paper. It also requires agencies to implement a solid waste reduction program for materials used in the course of agency operations.


How to Buy Recycled

All governmental agencies, as defined in s. 163.3164, F.S., which have a presence within Florida, and any independent, nonprofit college or university located within Florida may purchase recycled products from State Term Contracts, procured by DMS’ Division of State Purchasing.


Recycling Opportunities at DMS-managed Building

Employees may contact their Building Manager (Adobe PDF Document 2.39 MB) for information on recycling efforts at their location.


Department of Environmental Protection Information

Please visit the Department of Environmental Protection's website for more recycling information and to learn about "Greening Florida Government."