Department of Management Services

Agency Renovation Request Process

All Agency projects are to be submitted via ARR JotForm process for Building Construction review.
(All cosmetic projects including painting have been added back into ARR process as well as data cabling, networking, and cubicle re-configurations.)

All services must always be coordinated with the Facility Manager.
Agencies must make an appointment 1-2 weeks in advance with Facility Managers to coordinate the scheduling all Contractor/Vendors. All Vendors must also be background approved through DMS and FDLE. The Agency for that specific facility where work is to be performed, must provide the list of approved employees to the Facility Manager in writing from the Contractor/Vendor on company leader-head. All forms are to be submitted by Agency Representative to:


ARR Project Closing Date-letter FY 2016-2017 (Adobe PDF Document 96.51 KB)  


Agency Renovation Request (ARR)

    DMS Facility Managers List (Adobe PDF Document 331.80 KB)

Phase 1: Inception and Approval

  1. Agency Representative meets with DMS Facility Manager (FM) prior to submitting Agency Renovation Request (ARR) to DMS. Please schedule an appointment in advance with the Facility Manager (FM), allowing 1-2 weeks advanced notification. You must have the Tenant Agency guideline form, before and after project documents and drawings completed for this meeting.
  2. Phase 1 Required Documents:
    • Agency Renovation Request Guideline Forms (Microsoft Word Document 119.09 KB) - Signed by FM
    • Before/After Drawings on Auto-CAD drawing file including  cubicle re-configurations, or cubicle additions, and must include existing and proposed electrical and data notations on drawing  (copy/circle area for modification, highlight plan) 
    • Quotes
    • Copy of Business License from DBPR (where applicable) - Contractor/Vendor
    • Copy of City Business License (Tallahassee contractors exempt) - Contractor/Vendor
    • Copy of current General Liability Insurance - Contractor/Vendor
    • Copy of current Workers' Compensation Insurance - Contractor/Vendor
  3. Agency Representative prepares ARR documents and attaches individually where indicated, on the ARR JotForm - Phase 1, completing the online form in its entirety. (The system will not allow documents to be submitted if any fields with asterisks (*) are left blank.) Your Agency will be contacted by email should an clarification be required.
    • If a project is Approved, Stage 2 begins.
    • If a project is Declined, the Agency may escalate the request.
    • If a project is Suspended, additional information is required. Once the requested information is received, the request is resubmitted for review and approval.
    • If a project is recommended to become a CAA you will be notified.
  4. DMS will email a "Notice to Secure" (NTS) letter to the Agency once the request is approved. The NTS Letter authorizes the Agency Representative to secure background checks (always required) and Permits or "Waivers of Permit" (as required) from the Contractor/Vendor. DMS will also email the "ARR Contractor Guideline Form" with the Bureau of Building Construction's review. The Agency must forward this form to the Contractor/Vendor for signature and uploaded with Phase 2 documents.


Phase 2: Project Pre-Execution

  1. Use the ARR JotForm - Phase 2 electronic form to submit all Phase 2 required documents listed below. 
  2. Phase 2 Required Documents:
    • Background Check Requirements (Microsoft Word Document 21.45 KB)  - All Contractor/Vendors must apply for background checks with REDM and FDLE. Please check with Facility Manager for building level clearance required.
    • Agency must obtain a list of background approved employees from the Contractor/Vendor on Contractor/Vendor company letter-head. List should include the first and last names of employees who have been approved to work in DMS facilities. The list must also include approval dates, expiration dates, and be signed and dated by the Contractor/Vendor.
    • Permits or waivers are required at this stage. The Bureau of Building Construction's review will have indicated if a permit or waiver is required on the NTS letter, and ARR Contractor Guideline form in Phase 1. A "Waiver of Permit" is simply a written statement from the Contractor/Vendor (on company letterhead) attesting that a City Permit is not needed for the Project's Scope of Work.
    • ARR Contractor Guideline form - signed by Contractor/Vendor and submitted by agency, through ARR JotForm - Phase 2.
  3. Agency Representatives must fulfill all requirements of the NTS letter, by providing all required documents from Contractor/Vendor to DMS through JotForm.
  4. ARR JotForm - Phase 2 - All required documents must be completed and signed where designated, in their entirety, or the system will not allow documents to be submitted if any fields with asterisks (*) are left blank. Attach all required documents individually where indicated in the electronic form.


Phase 3: Project Execution

  1. The "Notice to Proceed" (NTP) letter is issued by DMS authorizing the Agency Representatives to execute project once all requested documentation has been received and approved. The NTP letter is emailed to the Agency Representative and FM by DMS. 
  2. The Agency Representative shall coordinate the project schedule with FM and Contractor(s) 1-2 weeks prior to Contractor/Vendor commencing work. FM must be notified when any Vendor will be in the Facility.
  3. Permits must be posted visibly on site for the duration of the project (where applicable).
  4. Project is executed.


Phase 4: Project Close-Out

  1. Agency must schedule an appointment with the Facility Manager 1-2 weeks in advance. Inspections must be performed by all entities issuing permits and also by the FM.
  2. Phase 4 Required Documents:
    • Close out forms - rev. 10/17  (Microsoft Word Document 107.34 KB) - Agency must provide a Close-Out form for each Contractor/Vendor which is necessary for all projects - Completed and signed by Agency and Facility Manager
    • Punch list by agency and Facility Manager - Signed by both FM and Agency
    • Certificate of Occupancy (if applicable)
    • State Fire Marshall inspection (if applicable)
    • Fire alarm test letter (if applicable)
    • Test & Balance Report (if applicable)
    • Building Permit close-out document (if applicable - if a permit was required to start project, then a close-out permit will be required) 
    • Architectural drawings, updated cubicle layout  (supply updates in CAD drawing format - if applicable) - if file is larger than 1 GB, please send via, common carrier, transmittal, or inter-departmental mail - address package as follows - ATTN: DMS REDM/Leasing ARR Representative (4050, 3rd floor).
    • Cubicle/room numbering changes (if applicable) 
    • Lien waivers from general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers (if applicable)
  3. The Agency Representative shall use the new ARR JotForm - Phase 4 electronic form to submit the Close-Out form  for each Contractor/Vendor along with all other documents that pertain to their Scope of Work. The electronic forms must be completed in their entirety or the System will reject them. 
  4. Agency Representative shall receive an email notification after submitting JotForm. Should a notification not be received, please re-submit all forms, as there was an error in your submission process.