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Florida Emergency Networks

The Division of State Purchasing organized the Florida Emergency Supplier Network and Florida Emergency Purchasing Network to assist state agencies and local governments with purchasing functions during emergencies.


Florida Emergency Supplier Network

The Florida Emergency Supplier Network (FESN) is a list of suppliers that have agreed to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that goods and services remain available during emergencies. Suppliers complete an online application, which includes a company profile, a list of products and services the company offers, how to contact the company during and after regular business hours, and the company’s readiness for emergency response.


FESN Application

Suppliers are required to provide the following information to complete the application:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Emergency contact information (name, position/title, phone, and email)
  • List of business locations able to serve Florida during an emergency
  • List of state term contract numbers the company has been awarded (if applicable)
  • Escalation procedures for problem resolution during an emergency
  • Emergency plan for continuity of operations (employee and supply chain support)
  • State or local government business references (name, address, phone, and email)
  • Emergency products and services offered (see FESN Product and Service Categories)

Suppliers are also required to accept the FESN Terms and Conditions (Adobe PDF Document 330.16 KB).


The current supplier list, which includes each company's name, city, and state, is available via the FESN portal; supplier lists from past years are provided for historical reference.

Additional details (e.g. products/services, contact information, etc.) are available to state agencies and local governments that have been granted access by the Division of State Purchasing. State agencies and local governments may request login credentials by contacting the division at Please note that the division does not verify or warrant the information provided by suppliers; buyers are cautioned to verify the information prior to placing an order for products or services.


Florida Emergency Purchasing Network

The Florida Emergency Purchasing Network (FEPN) is a list of purchasing professionals from state agencies and local governments who have offered to assist other agencies during emergencies. Purchasing professionals are added to the list by submitting a completed FEPN Volunteer Application (Microsoft Word Document 53.63 KB) to

Contact Information

Please direct any questions regarding the Florida Emergency Supplier Network (FESN) or Florida Emergency Purchasing Network (FEPN) to flemergencynet@dms.