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Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

This policy provides statutory death benefits for all state law enforcement officers including: correctional officers, correctional probation officers, firefighters, Florida Highway Patrol auxiliary officers, state attorney investigators, public defender investigators, members of bomb disposal units, full-time officers or employees of the State certified pursuant to Chapter 943, Florida Statutes, whose duties require serving processes or attending to the terms of circuit or county court as bailiffs, and members of organized militias while in active military service of the State, as provided in sections 112.18, 112.181, 112.19, 112.191, 250.34, 321.24, and 943.10, Florida Statutes. This overview is provided for informational purposes only; please refer to the insurance policy for specific coverage details.


Current Contract Period

November 30, 2017 through November 30, 2019


Policy Information

Broker: Risk Management Associates, Inc., dba Public Risk Insurance Agency (PRIA)

Insurer: CHUBB (Federal Insurance Company)

Contract Number: 84131600-18-1

Policy Number: 9906-63-97

Rate Sheet (Adobe PDF Document 189.78 KB)

Coverage Limits (Adobe PDF Document 370.85 KB)

How to Use This Policy (Adobe PDF Document 271.53 KB)


Documents and Forms

Contract (Adobe PDF Document 4.07 MB)

Insurance Policy (Adobe PDF Document 463.44 KB)

Beneficiary Designation Form (Adobe PDF Document 15.40 KB)

Claim Form (Adobe PDF Document 82.13 KB)


Previous Policy Periods

For more information regarding previous policies, or if you have losses that occurred during previous policy periods, please contact Jill Soderberg at for policy documents, forms, or assistance.

Contact Information

Please direct any questions regarding the insurance coverage program to Jill Soderberg at