Department of Management Services

Contractor's Equipment Insurance


UNDERWRITTEN BY: XL Catlin (XL Specialty Insurance Co.)  

BROKERED BY: Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.  

CURRENT POLICY PERIOD: July 1, 2017 – July 1, 2021

This insurance is purchased and administered by the Department of Management Services, Division of State Purchasing. The outline of coverage provided herein is an overview; please refer to the insurance policy for specific information. All questions relating to this policy should be directed to Jill Soderberg, State Purchasing at (850) 488-7996 or


DESCRIPTION OF COVERED PROPERTY:  Property you own; and Property you borrow, lease, or rent from others. Property is insured on an “All risk” basis for the direct physical loss or of damage to insured property, subject to policy exclusions

Mobile construction vehicles or equipment which is leased from Equipment Rental businesses like United Rental, John Deere, and Ring Power.  Vehicles licensed for road use are prohibited from coverage under this policy unless pre-approved by the Broker/Insurer.


LIMIT OF INSURANCE: For a complete listing of coverage limits – please refer to the declarations page of the policy attached at the bottom of this page. 

Borrowed, Leased, or Rented Equipment from Others                   $500,000 Per Item

Loaned, Leased, or Rented to Others                                             $250,000

Newly Acquired Covered Property                                                  $500,000

Employee’s Tools and Work Clothing                                             $5,000, $1,000 Per Item



Replacement Cost Items 5 years old & newer
Actual Cash Value Items over 5 years
Legal Liability, But No More Than Replacement Cost Applies For Leased or Rented From Others


DEDUCTIBLE: The following deductibles will apply: 

Deductible Items valued at $10,000 or less $1,000
Deductible Items valued at $10,001 - $200,000 $5,000
Deductible Items valued more than $200,000 $10,000


RATE (Scheduled and Leased):  

  • $0.342 per $100 of insured value



In all cases, the value of property shall not exceed the insured value as per the Contractor's Equipment Schedule on file with the company.

It is recommended Named Insured notify the Broker as soon as a loss or potential loss is discovered.  DO NOT wait for police reports or investigations to conclude.  All information provided is confidential.  Failure to report the loss or potential loss on the date of discovery may jeopardize claim recovery.



The policy requires that State Purchasing report all values and details to the Broker within 5 days of the end of the reporting period using the required form below:

XL CE 17-18 Required Reporting Form (Microsoft Excel Document 32.42 KB)

Reports from each Named Insured are due no later than the next business day following the last day of each quarter as follows:

  • 1st Q due on or before 10/1 with detail
  • 2nd Q due on or before 1/1 with detail
  • 3rd Q due on or before 4/1 with detail
  • 4th Q due on or before 7/1 with detail

For Owned Equipment the total value reported should always equal the total value of all items insured.  Details specific to the year, make, and model of each item should be reported.

For Leased Equipment in addition to insured value please notate the associated rental cost for each leased item.

Reports shall be submitted via email to by the due dates above.


Documents and Forms

Insurance Policy (Adobe PDF Document 649.54 KB)

Certificate Request Form (Microsoft Word Document 160.23 KB)

Claim Form (Microsoft Word Document 168.50 KB)

Contact Information

Please direct any questions regarding the insurance coverage program to Jill Soderberg at