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Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Equipment Insurance

This policy provides coverage for electronic data processing equipment, meaning data processing systems; electronic systems consisting of separately identifiable and removable component memory or control boxes that are attached to and control production machinery, but not the production machinery itself; and equipment, component parts and related peripheral equipment, including air conditioning and fire protective equipment, used solely for data processing operations, you own or in your care, custody or control. This policy also provides coverage for scientific equipment, meaning equipment used for scientific and medical research or equipment used for medical diagnosis, you own or in your care, custody or control. This overview is provided for informational purposes only; please refer to the insurance policy for specific coverage details.


Current Contract Period

June 5, 2017 through June 5, 2021


Policy Information

Broker: Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.

Insurer: CHUBB (Federal Insurance Company)

Contract Number: 84131512-17-1

Policy Number: 6696877

Rate Sheet (Adobe PDF Document 492.97 KB)

Coverage Limits (Adobe PDF Document 504.96 KB)

How to Use This Policy (Adobe PDF Document 638.43 KB)


Documents and Forms

Contract (Adobe PDF Document 457.79 KB)

Insurance Policy (Adobe PDF Document 4.77 MB)

Request to Add Equipment Form (Microsoft Excel Document 76.61 KB)

Certificate Request Form (Microsoft Word Document 160.23 KB)

Claim Form (Microsoft Word Document 168.50 KB)


Previous Policy Periods

For more information regarding previous policies, or if you have losses that occurred during previous policy periods, please contact Jill Soderberg at for policy documents, forms, or assistance.

Contact Information

Please direct any questions regarding the insurance coverage program to Jill Soderberg at