Department of Management Services

Equipment Breakdown Insurance (Boiler and Machinery)




BROKERED BY: Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. 

CURRENT POLICY PERIOD: October 1, 2016 through October 1, 2020

This insurance is purchased and administered by the Department of Management Services, Division of State Purchasing. The outline of coverage shown above is provided as an overview; please refer to the insurance policy for specific information. All questions relating to this policy should be directed to Jill Soderberg, State Purchasing at (850) 488-7996 or


This Policy covers direct damage to “Covered Property” resulting from a “Breakdown” to “Covered Equipment”. Without “Breakdown”, there is no Equipment Breakdown Coverage.  Jurisdictional inspections are also included in the policy.

“Covered Property” refers to property that you own or that is in your care, custody or control and for which you are legally liable. Such property must be at a “Covered Premises” described in the Declarations except as provided within off premises.

“Breakdown” means the following direct physical loss that causes damage to “Covered Equipment” and

necessitates its repair or replacement:

1. Failure of pressure or vacuum equipment;

2. Mechanical failure including rupture or bursting caused by centrifugal force; or

3. Electrical failure including arcing, unless such loss or damage is otherwise excluded within this coverage form.

“Covered Equipment” refers to the following:

1. Unless specified otherwise in the Declarations:

a. Equipment that generates, transmits, controls or utilizes energy, including electronic

communications and data processing equipment; and

b. Equipment which, during normal usage, operates under vacuum or pressure, other than the weight

of its contents.

2. Except as specifically provided for under off premises property damage coverage, utility interruption coverage, contingent business income and extra expense coverage and Paragraph 3. of perishable goods coverage, such equipment must be at a “Covered Premises”.

“Covered Premises” or Schedule/Description of Covered Premises:

All premises that are owned by you or are operated by you, or that are under your care, custody or control and that are:

a) Located in the United States of America (including its territories and possessions), Puerto Rico or Canada;

b) Are on file with us; and

c) For which values have been reported;

Are considered as individually included within the definition of “Covered Premises”.


Policy Limit $200,000,000
Property Damage included
Business Income and Extra Expense included
Extended Period of Restoration 365 days
Contingent Business Income and Extra Expense $2,500,000
Utility Interruption included
Accounts Receivable $2,500,000
Brands and Labels included
Civil Authority 30 days
Claims Preparation Costs $50,000
Data Restoration $2,500,000
Deductible Waiver Applicable
Errors and Omissions included
Expediting Expenses included
Fungus and Related Perils – Property Damage $100,000
Fungus and Related Perils – Loss of Earnings 30 days or $250,000 whichever is greater
Green Environmental and Efficiency Improvements $100,000
Ingress/Egress included
Newly Acquired Premises 365 days, limited to $200,000,000
Off Premises Property Damage included
Ordinance or Law $2,500,000
Perishable Goods included
Pollutants and/or Hazardous Materials $2,500,000
Reduction in Value included
Solidification no coverage provided
System Installation and Soft Costs $100,000
Unnamed Locations $2,500,000
Water Damage included
Broad Named Insured Wording included


Property Damage $10,000
Business Income and Extra Expense 24 Hours for FSU only
Perishable Goods $1,000 except for DOH locations
Contingent Business Income and Extra Expense Included within property damage deductible

Perishable Good / Spoilage Damage: 5 % of loss, $1,000 Minimum

Please refer to the policy for a full listing of coverage limits and applicable information.


Property Damage rates are $0.0174 per $1000 of insured value.   (Example:  $5M insured = $87.00 premium)

Perishable Goods / Spoilage are based upon $1.40 per $1000 of insured value.


XL CATLIN has a full inspection team headed by Manny Regateiro:  To schedule a jurisdictional inspection at a “covered premises” please contact Manny at:

Manny Regateiro

Phone: 1-770-614-3111

The  jurisdictional inspection request form is attached in the forms section below.


To report a loss:

Complete the XL CATLIN claim form provided below.  Once completed send the claim form to:

Be sure to include State Purchasing,  Jill Soderberg at and the Broker Tanya Lewicki at


XL Equipment Breakdown Up + Running Policy No. US00076525PR16A for the State of Florida (Adobe PDF Document 1.23 MB)

XL Jurisdictional Inspection Form (Adobe PDF Document 173.98 KB)

XL Claim Loss Form (Adobe PDF Document 172.59 KB) 

Contact Information

Please direct any questions regarding the insurance coverage program to Jill Soderberg at