Department of Management Services

MFMP Agency Customers

This page provides agency customers access to MFMP applications, resources regarding the MFMP program, and MFMP learning opportunities.


MFMP Application Links

Buyer Portal

MFMP Buyer

Create a purchase order (PO), track the status of your PO, record the receipt of goods or services, create contracts, and perform system searches.

Sourcing (Agency Customers)


Create, publish, manage, and track the status of your competitive solicitations and eQuotes.


MFMP Analysis

Define and generate consolidated reports about agency purchases made through MFMP and view spending trends statewide.

Vendor Bid System (VBS)

Vendor Bid System

The official online repository for all state bids.

Vendor Information Portal (VIP)

Vendor Information Portal

Search for vendors and view their registration details.

Sourcing (Vendors)


Log in with the “Public Access” button to view active sourcing events and direct vendors to this link to respond to your agency’s sourcing event.


MFMP University (MFMP U)

MFMP University 
Discover online, live, and in-person training available on various topics including an MFMP system overview, basic and advanced requisitioning techniques, invoicing, reporting, contracts, eQuote processes and procedures, and more.

Agency Customer Training Registration
View the MFMP U calendar and register for free training on a variety of MFMP topics.

Manuals and Job Aids 
Access MFMP U manuals and job aids for step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks, and best practices when working in MFMP.


Utilizing MFMP

Working with MFMP Vendors 
Gain insight into vendor registration requirements, best practices when selecting vendors and creating eQuotes, the Vendor Performance Tracking tool, and MFMP resources for vendors.

Catalogs and eInvoicing 
Learn how to use MFMP catalogs and eInvoicing to improve procurement and invoicing processes.

Reporting in MFMP 
Learn about and access MFMP reporting tools including System Searches, Secure Reports, and Analysis.

FAQs (Adobe PDF Document 685.86 KB) 
Receive answers to commonly asked questions from other MFMP agency customers.


MFMP Resources

Meeting Materials 
View MFMP meeting materials and meeting minutes for the Customer Roundtable and Change Review Board, and view the list of MFMP Change Requests.

MFMP Forms 
View the forms needed to request ad-hoc reports, removal of confidential information, transaction fee exemptions, etc.

PO Terms & Conditions 
View current and historical versions of the PO Terms & Conditions included on all MFMP POs made in MFMP.

Release Notes 
Read the details of each MFMP system release summarizing the changes made to the MFMP applications.

Program Information   
Access MFMP contact information, the current service provider contract, and information about the MFMP project team.