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Catalogs and eInvoicing


MFMP supports two types of catalogs for easy purchasing from state term contracts (STC) and alternate contract sources (ACS), punchout and line item. Using a catalog in MFMP makes purchasing easier for both agency customers and vendors by pre-populating information on the MFMP requisition, including:

  • Line item description
  • Supplier part number
  • Unit price
  • Commodity Code
  • Method of Procurement
  • State contract number

Punchout catalogs  allow agencies to “punch-out” to an online catalog similar to a consumer shopping website, like  

Line item catalogs provide a list of pre-populated items in a MFMP line item format. Agency customers can compare items from different vendors using the compare feature within the catalog search.

Click here for a file listing of MFMP Catalog Vendors (Microsoft Excel Document 14.63 KB)



MFMP supports the ability for vendors to submit invoices electronically, directly in MFMP, rather than sending paper invoices. eInvoices automatically generate Invoice Reconciliations. For more information on eInvoicing, please see the MFMP U job aid (Adobe PDF Document 535.04 KB).

Benefits to eInvoicing include:

  • Saves time for agencies by not having to create a PO-based or Contract-based invoice
  • Reduces paper flow and associated costs
  • Provides prompt and accurate processing of invoices
  • Improves data accuracy and reduces payment cycle time

Click here for a file of MFMP eInvoicing vendors (Microsoft Excel Document 10.57 KB)

If you work with a vendor frequently and think they are a good candidate for eInvoicing, please contact the MFMP team at

MFMP Catalog Resources

MFMP eInvoicing Resources

eInvoicing Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 211.86 KB)