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MFMP University Training Opportunities

The MFMP U team delivers ongoing training opportunities for MFMP Agency Customers, providing training opportunities for the successful completion of tasks associated with the Buyer, Analysis, Sourcing, Vendor Information Portal (VIP), and Vendor Bid System (VBS) applications. The MFMP Team also provides training opportunities for vendors; visit the MFMP U for Vendors page for more information. 

MFMP U offers several different Learning Paths based on the different types of transactions in MFMP. Each Learning Path contains a combination of training channels  (interactive webinars, seminars, workshops and MFMP U online trainings) based on system functionality.


Training on electronic quotes (eQuotes) for goods and/or services submitted to vendors through MFMP Sourcing.

Requisitions/Purchase Orders

Training on creating purchases requests approving purchase requests, managing orders, receiving goods, and approving services in MFMP Buyer.


Training on creating and managing MFMP contracts in MFMP Buyer.


Training for requesters/OBOs and central receivers on how to complete receipts in MFMP Buyer.

Invoices/Invoice Reconciliations

Training for Finance & Accounting customers on creating and reconciling invoices in MFMP Buyer.

Reporting in MFMP

Training on system searches, Vendor Performance Tracking, Secure Reports, and creating custom reports in MFMP Analysis.

Training for System Administrators

Training for MFMP System Administrators on their roles and responsibilities in the system, along with all other relevant trainings.

Vendor Bid System

Training for agency customers on the the Vendor Bid System.


Fiscal Year-End

Training for agency customers on the MFMP Year-End process.


For a full listing of available MFMP U courses, please visit our course catalog. For assistance with training, please contact

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