Department of Management Services

MFMP U Online Training

MFMP U's interactive online trainings will guide you through various MFMP functions. We combine our traditional training presentations with recorded audio, and "punch-out" to the MFMP system to simulate typical tasks you do every day on the job, such as creating requisitions, approving requisitions, invoicing and much more! You can take any combination of presentations, at times that fit your schedule - it's all up to you! 

We understand that few agency customers have time these days to spend an entire day or week attending in-person seminars. Use MFMP U Online Trainings to make sure you have the training you need when you need it! Due to resource limitations, the MFMP team does not offer Certificates of Completion for our training courses.

  Requester Supervisor Purchasing Finance & Accounting System Administrator DMS State Purchasing
MFMP System Overview X X X X X X
Creating Requisitions X    X    X
Creating Integrated eQuotes X X X
Creating Manual eQuotes X X X
Approving Requisitions       X
Managing Orders X X X X
Receiving Goods and Approving Services X       X
Creating Contracts X X X X
Managing Contracts X X X X
Creating Invoices X      X  X
Reconciling & Approving Invoices       X X  
Reporting   X  X  X X X
Searching Catalogs in MFMP X X X X X
Searching for Vendors in VIP X   X  X  X X
Vendor Performance Tracking X   X  X X X
MFMP System Administrator X  
Vendor Bid System X X X X X


Are you looking for in-person training sessions in Tallahassee? You can also register for Tallahassee training sessions.