Department of Management Services

Fiscal Year-End

This learning path is intended for agency customers who are involved in their agency’s fiscal year-end processes. It provides links to various useful MFMP resources and training materials that support MFMP year-end processes.

First step:  Review the year-end related job aids below, which are also conveniently located in the menu bar on the right side of the screen.

  • The Final Payment Indicator Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 171.61 KB) explains how customers may remove excess encumbrance amounts in FLAIR by utilizing the Final Payment Indicator (FPI).
  • The Year-End Tips and Tricks (Adobe PDF Document 742.94 KB) discusses how to utilize the Delay Purchasing Until date, along with how to change, copy, or cancel an order. It also covers payable information and how to override the disbursement transaction type.
  • The Year-End Reports Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 549.95 KB) contains information on several reports to assist agency Finance and Accounting and Purchasing customers with year-end processing.
  • Finally, the Entering Payments Made in FLAIR into MFMP Job Aid  (Adobe PDF Document 686.55 KB)contains step-by-step instructions on how to tie a payment made directly in FLAIR to its corresponding MFMP contract or order. 


Second step: Attend the fourth quarter Customer Round Table (CRT) meeting hosted by MFMP to learn more about MFMP year-end processes and policies. This meeting also provides an open forum for customers to ask questions related to year-end. Contact your agency system administrator to confirm that you are  able to attend this meeting on your agency’s behalf. Previous fourth quarter CRT meeting minutes and materials are available on the  MFMP Meeting Materials webpage.


MFMP Buyer Manual (Adobe PDF Document 1.61 MB)

Reporting Manual (Adobe PDF Document 2.40 MB) 

Sourcing Manual (Adobe PDF Document 2.69 MB)

System Administrator Manual (Adobe PDF Document 1.66 MB)

Job Aids