Department of Management Services

MyFloridaMarketPlace Buyer FAQs

Frequent Questions & Answers

  1. What is eProcurement?

    eProcurement combines the use of Internet technology with procurement best practices to streamline the purchasing process and reduce costs. In 2003, the State of Florida created MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) to allow State Agencies and registered vendors the opportunity to conduct business over the Internet.

  2. Why is eProcurement good for the state?

    The MyFloridaMarketPlace system provides an online, statewide marketplace for agency customers and vendors to conduct business, which results in increased opportunities and operational efficiencies for both. Additionally, MyFloridaMarketPlace provides the state the opportunity to leverage its purchasing power, allowing the state to act as a single purchasing entity, with the objective of reducing costs of goods and services that are being purchased. MyFloridaMarketPlace also provides the state with better visibility regarding purchases, and as a result, the state is able to make better purchasing decisions and negotiate better prices with suppliers.

  3. Which agency manages this system?

    In accordance with section 287.057(22) Florida Statute, the Department of Management Services (DMS) manages this project in consultation with the Chief Financial Officer and the Agency for State Technology.

  4. What are the benefits for agency customers?

    The benefits to agency customers of using MyFloridaMarketPlace include:

    • Leveraging the state’s purchasing power -  eProcurement provides the state the opportunity to leverage its purchasing power allowing the state to act as a single purchasing entity, with the objective of reducing costs of goods and services purchased.
    • State-of-the-art tools -  (Electronic, Internet-based transacting) MFMP is an online system that allows customers 24-7 access from any location to conduct activities such as access to online catalogs, online quoting and sourcing, automated workflow, online approvals and receiving, and electronic invoices (eInvoices).
    • Standardization with the state’s purchasing practices - The MyFloridaMarketPlace system was designed using a combination of purchasing best practices and existing state purchasing processes, and helps guide the user through various purchasing decisions.
    • Improved reporting -  By consolidating all of the state’s purchasing activity into MyFloridaMarketPlace, state purchasing professionals have the ability to generate detailed reports and track contract compliance to identify opportunities for further purchase price savings.
    • Faster and More Accurate Ordering  - From the time an agency customer enters a purchase request into the system, to the time the invoice is paid, the entire process is one seamless transaction. This reduces the risk of errors caused by duplicate entry.


  5. What are the benefits for vendors?

    The benefits to vendors of using MyFloridaMarketPlace include:

    • A single point for vendor registration -  Once a vendor registers, their information is then available to all agency customers using the system. Vendors also have the ability to maintain their information.
    • State-of-the-art tools -  (Electronic, Internet-based transacting) The system will allow vendors to provide a consistent and more efficient way of doing business with the state.
    • Increased access to government buying entities - Being a registered vendor in MFMP, aides in enhanced economic development opportunities for small businesses and Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs).
    • Online, interactive quoting and bidding - Vendors will be able to submit electronic responses to informal quotes (quotes less than $35,000) and formal solicitations (over $35,000).


  6. What types of training does MFMP offer?

    The MFMP University team delivers ongoing in-person training and various types of online training opportunities. MFMP U for Agency Customers offers training opportunities to assist with the successful completion of tasks associated with the Buyer, Analysis, Sourcing, Vendor Information Portal (VIP), and Vendor Bid System (VBS) applications. The MFMP University team also provides training opportunities for vendors; visit the MFMP U for Vendors page for more information. 

  7. Can I still buy from vendors if they choose not to participate in MyFloridaMarketPlace?

    No. The state has made a firm commitment to making MyFloridaMarketPlace the one procurement solution used by the state. Cost savings with an eProcurement system are realized through an aggregation of buying power, and through increased process efficiencies. In order to achieve the benefits of MyFloridaMarketPlace, broad and consistent participation is required and expected.

  8. How do I search for vendors who are registered in MFMP?

    Anyone can view registered vendors in the MFMP Vendor Information Portal (VIP). The public login credentials (username and password) are publicuser . For more information about searching for vendors in VIP, please view the online training

  9. Why do vendors have to pay the Transaction Fee to the state?

    Effective July 1, 2003, the state instituted, through rule, a transaction fee to provide funding for an electronic procurement system, known as MyFloridaMarketPlace. Prior to MFMP, state term contract vendors paid a fee to the state, and they continue to do so under the MyFloridaMarketPlace system. The state applies the transaction fee to all payments processed through the state’s accounting system in order to provide vendors with electronic access to state agencies and to provide vendor support activities. There is no initial registration fee or ongoing subscription fee charged to vendors. The fee applies to payments received after a vendor invoices the state for goods or services rendered. For more information on the transaction fee or to assist vendors with transaction fee reporting or payment, please view the Transaction Fee and Reporting webpage.

  10. What does the Transaction Fee get used for?

    The transaction fee helps support the continuous enhancements and operations of the MyFloridaMarketPlace system. This includes the services required to effectively manage a system of this size, develop and execute training required for both agency customers and vendors, and provide the ongoing maintenance and services needed to sustain the system’s success. The state reevaluates the fee on an annual basis to determine whether or not it covers the cost of the program. 

  11. Do all agency contracts have to be placed on or run through the MyFloridaMarketPlace system?

    All agencies, with the exception of Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, are expected to procure all of their commodities and contractual services through the MyFloridaMarketPlace system.

  12. Do agency customers have to purchase an item or services from a state term contract?

    Yes, agencies shall purchase commodities and contractual services from state term contracts when available; view Florida Statute 287.056 for more information. The State of Florida, Department of Management Services (DMS), Division of State Purchasing administers statewide contracts and agreements for use by Florida State Agencies, local governments, educational institutions, and eligible users, as defined in rule 60A-1.001, Florida Administrative Code. View available contracts on the DMS website.

  13. I am a first time MyFloridaMarketPlace user – what should I do when I first log into MFMP Buyer?

    Agency customers should set up their security questions and answers when they first log into MFMP Buyer. This will allow them to reset their own password in the future. We also recommend that all new users review the MFMP System Overview online training.

  14. Is there a way that agency customers can practice creating transactions in the system?

    Yes. MFMP provides training environments where agency customers can practice creating and approving any type of transaction (e.g., eQuote, requisition, receipt, IR, etc.) in MFMP. Access the MFMP Buyer Training Environment and/or the Sourcing Training Environment, enter your MFMP username, and the training password is train30 for both applications. 

  15. How often do passwords expire in MyFloridaMarketPlace?

    MyFloridaMarketPlace passwords expire every ninety (90) days; therefore, it is important to remember to reset your password on a regular basis. MFMP Buyer will prompt customers to reset their password two weeks prior to expiration, beginning on day 76. MFMP recommends setting up a reoccurring calendar reminder to help remind customers to reset their password.

  16. The system won’t allow me to reset my own password and it has expired. Who do I contact to assist me with resetting my password?

    Customers must have created security questions and answers in MFMP Buyer in order to reset their own password in using the ‘forgot password’ link on the MFMP Buyer login screen. If your password has expired and you did not set up security questions, please contact your system administrator to reset your password. The MFMP team is unable to reset passwords; however, we can provide the contact information for your system administrator if you do not know it. 

  17. Help – I’m locked out! What should I do?

    If a customer enters the incorrect password more than three times, the system will lock their account for security reasons. The lock out is temporary.  If the customer can wait, they will be able to try again in 30 minutes. If they cannot wait 30 minutes, they should contact their system administrator.

  18. I reset my password in MFMP Buyer but it isn’t working in MFMP Analysis or MFMP Sourcing. Why isn’t it working?

    Passwords sync between MFMP Buyer and MFMP Sourcing twice a day. Once at 12:45 PM and once at 6:45 PM. Passwords sync between MFMP Buyer and MFMP Analysis at 12:15 PM and 6:15 PM. Customers will complete all password resets in MFMP Buyer. 

  19. I understand that I may purchase from the General Services Administration (GSA) Cooperative Purchasing Program-Schedule 70 and Schedule 84. How can I use these contracts to purchase, via MFMP, and where do I find more information regarding this program?

    Agencies customers should use eBuy, GSA’s electronic quoting system for purchases made from the state approved GSA schedules to obtain quotes. Agency customers will still need to create purchase requisitions in MFMP Buyer in order to deliver the purchase order to the vendor community. Vendors interested in doing business with the State of Florida, need to be registered in the Vendor Information Portal, in order to receive purchase orders and payments from state agencies. For more information regarding Florida’s use of GSA, view the State Purchasing GSA website