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MFMP 3.0 Analysis

We Upgraded Analysis 3.0!  For an in-depth look at the enhancements, download the MFMP 3.0 Analysis Upgrade Overview (Microsoft Word Document 92.50 KB).

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Analysis Enhancement Description
Addition of FLAIR Encumbrance and Payment Data This expands available data to include both MFMP and FLAIR information, which assists agencies in reconciling obligated funds (encumbrances). Additionally, agencies have improved visibility into all areas of spend including payments not processed through MFMP.
Improved Contract Data This enhancement includes additional contract information from MFMP, enabling agencies to improve contract spend reporting.
Improved Invoice Data Additional FLAIR payment information related to invoice reconciliations is now included in Analysis to assist agencies in their reconciliation efforts.
Improved Visibility to “Green” Spend Additional purchase order information related to 'MyGreenFlorida' spend assists agencies in meeting green and recycled reporting requirements and visibility.
Additional VIP Vendor Data in Analysis Additional Vendor Information Portal (VIP) vendor information in Analysis allows agencies to analyze vendor data such as spend by minority status or vendor location.
Updated Dashboard and Report Scheduling The updated Analysis 'dashboard' (or desktop) lets customers create a customized view of Analysis and easily search for published reports. Report scheduling also enables customers to see favorite reports refreshed on a regular basis.
Enhanced System Reports Available to all Analysis customers, these reports include reporting templates that provide users with a starting point for organizing and analyzing their agency data.