Department of Management Services


MyFloridaMarketPlace offers three primary reporting options:

1.  System Search: You create "system searches" for all types of transactions created in MFMP. You can create a search based on many types of information. Remember to narrow your searches to a particular time, as the system searches data back to 2003. You can save any search you execute. When you save a search, you are saving the filters or parameters of the search, not the actual data.  To save your data, export your search results into a Microsoft Excel file and save on your computer.

  • You can search for a requisition with the PR number, the vendor name or the requester.
  • You can search for an invoice using the vendor name, invoice number, date processed or any combination.
  • You can find any type of transaction using a combination of search criteria.

2.  Secure reports: Secure reports are MFMP created comma separated value, or .csv files of specific information, mainly used as daily operational reports. Customers need a zip utility to open these files. We recommend checking with your IT team to determine what zip utility your agency uses.

3.  Analysis: You can create custom reports to meet your specific needs with Analysis.  Analysis reports allow you to select data components and build your report based on the criteria of information you wish to analyze.

For access to training information, please visit MFMP U.  To access the MFMP Report Request Form, please visit Forms.

If you have additional questions or are looking for specific reporting resources not listed on this page, please email the MFMP team at