Department of Management Services

Working with MFMP Vendors

Agency customers may refer to this page to gain insight into vendor registration requirements, best practices when selecting vendors and creating eQuotes, the Vendor Performance Tracking (VPT) tool, and MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) resources for vendors.


MFMP Vendor Registration

To do business with the State of Florida, vendors must:

  • Register in the MFMP Vendor Information Portal (VIP);
  • Have a valid W-9 on file with the Department of Financial Services; and
  • Accept the MFMP Terms of Use (TOU).

For more information on MFMP registration requirements and procedures, visit the Requirements for Vendor Registration page.


Selecting Vendors

To locate active vendors with complete VIP registrations and commodity codes that align with the product or service your agency is seeking, sign into VIP using publicuser as the username and password. Use the “Advanced Search” function and, at a minimum, input the following:

  • Commodity Code: Identify the commodities that best align with the purchase needs
  • Vendor Status: Active
  • Accepted TOU: Yes

After identifying potential vendors to invite to an event, review the following fields in the VIP View Vendor Detail page:

  • Verify W-9 Status is “Valid W-9 on file.”
  • For vendors with multiple locations, review the “Locations” section and record the sequence number that appears to the left of the appropriate location. Use this number to identify the correct location to use when creating a requisition.


eQuote Best Practices

eQuotes are informal requests for quotes using Methods of Procurement B, F, or 16. They enable agency customers to request bids electronically from vendors which saves time, reduces data entry errors, and improves consistency in solicitation requests to vendors. Listed below are best practices to follow when creating eQuotes:

  • To improve the accuracy of bid responses - Build the eQuote line items with the correct “Unit of Measure” and “Quantity.” For example, if requesting bids for a monthly service that will be invoiced monthly, the “Quantity” would be 12 and “Unit of Measure” would be month. Alternatively, if the expectation is to be invoiced annually, the “Quantity” would be one and “Unit of Measure” would be year.
  • To reach targeted bid response levels - Invite between three and 12 vendors to an eQuote event.
  • To confirm the accuracy of eQuote content - Use the “View as Participant” feature in MFMP Sourcing to see the eQuote content as it will appear to vendors.
  • To confirm the accuracy of solicitation and other eQuote content - Ask someone in your agency with similar responsibilities to review your eQuote before publication.
  • To encourage invited vendors to respond to the solicitation - Contact vendors by phone or email to notify them they will be invited to bid on an eQuote.


Evaluating Vendor Performance

Use the VPT tool to evaluate vendor performance and view vendor ratings. VPT is accessible in MFMP Buyer by clicking on the “Manage” menu and then selecting “Vendor Performance.” Agency customers can view VPT ratings during the process of selecting vendors when creating a requisition. Click to get more information about VPT.


Vendor Resources

MFMP provides resources to help vendors understand how to do business with the state. Vendors have access to the following resources:

  • The MFMP Vendors website which includes information about the vendor registration process, system functionality, responding to solicitations, transaction fees, how to become a certified business enterprise, and billing;
  • Free online, live, or in-person vendor training opportunities; and
  • Live customer support from the MFMP Customer Service Desk, available from Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET, at 866-352-3776 or