Department of Management Services

Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services eQuote Process


The MFMP team, in conjunction with DMS State Purchasing, has developed a new eQuote template specifically for the Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services State Term Contract. A template is available for use in MFMP Sourcing.


Key Benefits

This template:

  • Reduces eQuote development time for agency customers.
  • Provides a guided eQuote creation process for agency customers.
  • Improves understanding of what is required for a Request for Quote (RFQ) for IT staff augmentation services (e.g., requires a Scope of Work).
  • Standardizes the content for vendors.
  • Provides State Purchasing with spend trends that may assist in future contract negotiations.


Agency customers needing IT staff augmentation services should create a RFQ eQuote event in MFMP Sourcing. When creating an eQuote, MFMP Sourcing will provide a template (title: IT Staff Aug eQuote Master Template) specifically for purchases from the Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services Contract. To view and select this template, customers must enter the contract number (80101507-SA-15-01) in the Contract Number field. Selecting this contract number will also add five randomly selected vendors on the contract (based on FEIN) to the eQuote event. The agency customer shall confirm that all vendors, automatically and manually added to the eQuote, are contracted for the specific job numbers being solicited (see the Price Sheet located in the Contract Information section of the Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services Contract website for job details).


The specific format of the RFQ is left to the discretion of the agency customer's Contracting Officer. However, the IT Staff Augmentation Services eQuote template will provide a standard format with auto-populating fields for job number selection, vendor certification, Scope of Work attachments and RFQ contact information.