Department of Management Services

MFMP Punchout Catalog Audit

Punchout Catalog Audit Overview

In May 2016, MyFloridaMarketPlace partnered with State Purchasing to implement new functionality to automatically validate that Punchout catalog item prices are compliant with the approved State Term Contract pricing. Punchout catalogs will allow agency customers to connect directly to a supplier’s website to purchase items from a State Term Contract. Since it is the supplier’s responsibility to manage the content on their punchout catalog, it is possible for items and/or prices to be updated without prior knowledge or approval from the designated DMS Contract Manager. The Department of Management Services intends to audit select punchout catalogs as needed; not all punchout catalog in MFMP will be audited.

Punchout Catalog Audit Key Benefits

  • Provides best price available— Whenever there is a price discrepancy, the Punchout Catalog Audit Process will validate that agency users will always receive the lowest price.
  • Improved price monitoring — Contract Managers will be able to identify state term contract price discrepancies with greater ease.
  • Increased spend visibility — State Purchasing will have improved visibility into potential commodities that could be added to future contracts.

Punchout Catalog Audit Process

When an agency customer creates a requisition from an enabled punchout catalog, MFMP has added functionality that will compare the price retrieved from a supplier’s punchout catalog to the corresponding State Term Contract price sheet. When punchout catalog items are evaluated, MFMP applies the following rules:

Punchout Catalog Item: Requisition Line Item Price: Contract Manager is:
Greater than price sheet Reduced to the base price from the price sheet Added as ‘Watcher’
Less than price sheet Honored Added as ‘Watcher’
Not Found on price sheet Honored Added as ‘Watcher’
Matches price sheet N/A N/A

Whenever there is a difference between the Punchout Catalog Item and the Requisition Line Item, a warning message will appear to inform the agency customer of the price discrepancy. In addition to the warning message, the Contract Manger associated with the contract will be notified of the price discrepancy by being added as a ‘Watcher’ to the requisition’s approval flow. This will not require any action from the agency customer creating the requisition.

Click here to view the Punchout Audit Price Sheet Template (Microsoft Excel Document 26.51 KB).

For more information on the MFMP Punchout Catalog Audit, please review the Punchout Audit Job Aid (Adobe PDF Document 647.24 KB) If you have questions please reach out to our Customer Service Desk at or (866) 352-3776.