Department of Management Services

Standardization of Object Codes (CR-266)

MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) is working with the Department of Financial Services (DFS) to support agencies with the object code conversion, as part of the DFS Object Code Standardization Project.  

Once the Object Codes are available in FLAIR and loaded in MFMP agencies will be able to process change orders to update object codes on MFMP encumbered purchase orders (POs).  Customers with the “CO No Workflow” group may process a change order to edit object codes without re-generating the requisition approval flow.  Requisitions created after the statewide object code cross walk is loaded in MFMP will automatically default with the new statewide object code.

During an agency’s final conversion, MFMP and DFS will coordinate the conversion of all remaining MFMP encumbered POs with agency unique object codes. MFMP will use the file received from DFS to update the associated POs, during planned MFMP downtime, to ensure that MFMP and FLAIR are kept in sync.  During this conversion process, PRs in ‘Composing’ or ‘Submitted’ status will not be converted.  These requisitions will need to be converted manually during the approval process.

For the final conversion process, similar to year-end processing, there will be a drop-dead date to submit IRs to the DFS auditors.  Any IRs remaining in reconciling or approving status after the designated deadline will need to be updated manually or with the IR Mass Accounting Update eForm in MFMP.

MFMP Approval Flows

On November 14, 2014, MyFloridaMarketPlace sent an email to the MFMP System Administrators for agencies that utilize object code approvers.  This email contained information on how to review the agencies existing approval flow rules for object codes.  Approval flows using agency unique codes need to be updated to the new statewide object codes.  Reports detailing information on existing object code workflow approvers is located on the Secure Reports website.  Agencies that require approval flow updates associated with object code standardization should submit a workflow update request to the MFMP Customer Service Desk.