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MFMP Utilization



Beginning in 2013, the State of Florida implemented an initiative to track agency utilization of MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP). MFMP measures each agency’s utilization using a utilization scorecard that is published every quarter. The scorecard tracks utilization on the following five key eProcurement metrics:

   1. Purchase Order and Contract Utilization;

   2. Invoice Utilization;

   3. Catalog Utilization;

   4. Receiving Goods in MFMP Utilization; and

   5. eQuote Utilization. 

The MFMP team completed the initiative by recognizing the unique needs of each agency and providing support to achieve full utilization. If your agency is interested in utilization support, visit the  MFMP Utilization Support  page or contact the MFMP Customer Service Desk at 866-352-3776 or


Utilization Scorecard

Utilization scorecards for the last two fiscal years can be accessed in the tables below. For more information on how MFMP utilization is measured, see the  Utilization Reference Document (Microsoft Word Document 928.27 KB)

Fiscal Year 2018-19
FY 18/19 - Q1 Scorecard (Microsoft Excel Document 603.81 KB) 
(July 1 - Sept. 30)
FY 18/19 - Q2 Scorecard (Microsoft Excel Document 618.37 KB) 
(Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)
FY 18/19 - Q3 Scorecard  (Microsoft Excel Document 627.37 KB)
(Jan. 1 - March 31)
FY 18/19 - Q4 Scorecard (Microsoft Excel Document 640.58 KB)
(April 1 - June 30)


Fiscal Year 2017-18
FY 17/18- Q1 Scorecard (Microsoft Excel Document 537.12 KB)
(July 1 - Sept. 30)
FY 17/18 - Q2 Scorecard (Microsoft Excel Document 547.00 KB) 
(Oct. 1 - Dec.31)
FY 17/18 - Q3 Scorecard (Microsoft Excel Document 627.58 KB) 
(Jan. 1 - March 31)
FY 17/18 - Q4 Scorecard (Microsoft Excel Document 566.77 KB) 
(April 1 - June 30)


To review historical scorecards, please contact the MFMP Customer Service Desk, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET, at 866-352-3776 or

Utilization Reporting

Agencies can access and review reports listed in the  Utilization Reference Document (Microsoft Word Document 934.84 KB)  in the below applications. These reports can provide insight into utilization scorecard results.

MyFloridaMarketPlace Analysis

MyFloridaMarketPlace Secure Reports