Department of Management Services

Catalogs and eInvoicing for Vendors

Electronic Catalogs

One of the benefits MyFloridaMarketPlace offers our state term contract vendors is the ability to have an electronic catalog available for agency customers. This provides our agency customers a simple online shopping experience. Agency customers search for contract items, refine their selections and add the items into their cart. The item(s) in the cart populate the agency’s requisition with the required information to complete.


Two Catalog Solutions 

Line item - This catalog is located directly in the MFMP application. The items populate based on the search criteria as a single line for each product. Vendors submit a template spreadsheet to Customer Service Desk where it is reviewed by the contract manager. Once the contract manager approves the contract, it is moved into the Buyer Application for agency use.

The Florida eProcurement Catalog is a fast and easy way to create your catalog for use in the MFMP system. You will use this template when creating a new line item catalog and for updating an existing catalog

Click here for the Florida Line Item Catalog Template (Microsoft Excel Document 60.68 KB)

Punchout – This catalog solution is a website maintained by the awarded vendor and is typically based on the vendor’s current eCommerce site. The agency customers will ‘punchout’ to the website from within the Buyer application, complete their shopping and ‘punch in’ to Buyer where their requisition is populated with the appropriate information for the order to be submitted.

Click here for a file of Catalog vendors (Microsoft Excel Document 13.28 KB).


Electronic Invoicing (eInvoicing)

Electronic Invoicing or eInvoicing is presentation of an invoice electronically for payment. eInvoicing provides several benefits to vendors:

  • Shorter payment cycle
    • Your invoice is delivered electronically to the customer for processing
  • Invoicing control
    • You can view your invoice as it is processed through the system
  • Sustainability
    • No paper or postage
  • Frees your team to work on more important tasks

Click here for a file of eInvoicing vendors (Microsoft Excel Document 10.60 KB).


Ariba Network (AN)

MyFloridaMarketPlace leverages the Ariba Network (AN) to facilitate both catalog solutions and electronic invoicing (eInvoicing). In order to eInvoice and have a catalog solution with the state, vendors would register with the AN.

Please see the Ariba Network website for more details about the AN and to register.

For questions related to your Ariba Supplier Network account, vendors can request assistance with questions about registration, login problems, account navigation and Premier Membership, by going to the ASN login page at and click on the 'Account Problems' link to submit a request. An email will be sent to the ASN supplier support team for a response or by contacting the Ariba Supplier Network Help Desk by calling 1-888-89ARIBA (1-888-892-7422).