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Are you interested in receiving requests for quote from the State of Florida?

Sign up now to receive eQuotes (electronic requests for price quotes (<$35,000)) from agencies in the State of Florida.


Have you already registered to receive and respond to eQuotes for the State of Florida?

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  • The Commodity Code Excel file (Microsoft Excel Document 326.70 KB) ( 869.50 kB) can be used to search existing commodity codes by keywords.


How does eQuote work?

  1. Florida buyers specify the products that they want to purchase and the vendors that they want to receive quotes from.
  2. MyFloridaMarketPlace notifies selected vendors by e-mail, and delivers the eQuote directly to each vendor's eQuote inbox.
  3. Vendors electronically respond to the eQuote, and have the ability to offer product substitutions or specify other decision-making information to the buyer.
  4. The buying agency selects a vendor and issues a purchase order.

For more information about working in Sourcing and eQuote, check the Sourcing and eQuote training presentation (Adobe PDF Document 2.12 MB).


Benefits of eQuote

  • eQuote allows your company to expand its business to all system buyers and leverage the benefits of eCommerce.
  • eQuote provides your company with electronic requests for quote from qualified buyers who are researching products and ready to buy. With eQuote, your company has the opportunity to be in front of active buyers at the point of purchase.
  • Notifications of eQuotes from qualified buyers will be delivered directly to your Inbox, and you respond electronically to these requests in the MyFloridaMarketPlace Sourcing application.