Department of Management Services

Requirements for Vendor Registration

Step 1: Getting Started 

  • To begin the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) vendor registration process, visit:
  • Have the following information on hand:
    • Company Name – Official name in which you conduct business (includes your Doing Business As (DBA) Name, if ap­plicable).
    • Federal Tax ID Number – Official number under which you report and pay taxes for your business (includes Social Security number for individuals/sole proprietors) Note: If you do not have a FEIN number, please take a few minutes to get one at
    • Tax Filing Information – information regarding the official name in which payment must be remitted, i.e.,1099 form or W-9 form
    • Business Location Information – name, address, phone number, fax or e-mail address (whichever is applicable).
    • List of commodity class and group codes that signify the type of business provided.
    • Any appropriate State of Florida Certified Business Enterprise information to become a certified minority business. See the Office of Supplier Diversity Web site.
    • State of Florida issued sequence and Personal Identification Number (PIN) (for previously registered vendors from the SPURS system).
    • Foreign vendors should contact the MyFloridaMarketPlace Customer Service Desk to be assigned a tax ID number to use for registration.

Step 2: Access (Username and Password) 

  • You will be required to setup a username and password for your VIP account.
  • The username must be between six and 12 characters; can contain letters and numbers.
  • The password must be between six and 15 characters; can contain letters and numbers.
    • Username and password are case sensitive.

If you forget your username and password, e-mail the MFMP Customer Service Desk or use the Forgot Password function located on the VIP Login Page.

Step 3: Main Contact

  • Identify and authorize the individual in your business to be an authorized primary point of contact for MFMP (the main contact)
  • The Main Contact person listed on the registration must have the following information entered:
    • Full Name
    • Title
    • Phone Number
    • E-mail Address
    • Fax Number (optional)

The person completing the registration will default as the Main Contact on the registration; however, you may designate a different individual as the Main Contact person for the registration.

Step 4: General Information 

  • Company Name: Identify your business name; if you use a DBA name, you can enter that separate from the Company Name.
  • 1099 Name: Identify the official name in which your business is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service to receive payment for goods and services you provide.
    • This is typically the name identified on your W-9 or 1099 form that is associated with your federal tax ID number.
    • If you are an individual, the 1099 Name is the name as­sociated with your Social Security number.
  • Company Web site: Identify your company’s Web site within your vendor registration account.
  • Florida Revenue ID Number: If registered with the Florida Department of Revenue to collect sales tax, you may identify your Florida Sales Tax Certificate Number.

You are not required to enter the Company Web site and Florida Revenue ID Number into your registration account.

Step 5: Business Profile 

  • Identify the appropriate business designation that best describes your company’s organizational structure.
  • You can only select one Business Designation.

If you select a Corporation, you must have your incorporation information on hand to provide the date of incorporation.

If you select “Government Entity” or “Not-for-Profit,” the Florida Department of Management Services reserves the right to audit this designation. Keep any information or paperwork on hand at all times that serves as proof of this business designation.

Step 6: Certified Minority Business 

  • To become a certified minority business, designate the type of minority status desired.
  • Review the OSD requirements to become a certified minority business at:

Doing Business with the State

Here you can find more information about business opportunities with the State of Florida.

Doing Business with the State Flyer (Adobe PDF Document 251.45 KB)