Department of Management Services

Doing Business with the State of Florida

In order to provide your company’s goods and services to the state, there are several steps an established business needs to take.

  • Register with MyFloridaMarketPlace’s Vendor Information Portal (VIP)
    • Enter your business' information, including:
      • Federal Tax ID number 
      • Location information for ordering, payment and billing
      • Appropriate contact information
      • Preferred ordering method
    • Select Commodity Codes representative of your products and services
    • Select if you want to receive email notifications of opportunities that match selected commodity codes and respond electronically to those opportunities
    • Review and accept the MyFloridaMarketPlace Terms of Use
  • Search for business opportunities with the state’s free tools
    • MFMP Sourcing – used to facilitate formal procurements (greater than $35,000) for state term contracts (STC). Vendors will be notified based on their commodity codes.
    • Vendor Bid System (VBS) – used to post agency formal procurements, as well as agency decisions, meeting notices, and single source decisions. Vendors will be notified based on their commodity codes. 
    • MFMP Sourcing eQuotes - used for informal quotes under $35,000.
  • Identify the opportunity that suits your business
    • Prepare the bid response
      • Review the bid specifications and requirements.
    • Submit the response    
      • Submit the response in a timely manner and in the format required within the bid document.
    • State selects awarded vendor(s)
  • Provide goods and services to the state.
    • Submit a detailed invoice.
    • Receive payment (for information on payments, visit the FLAIR Vendor History site).  
  • Review the consolidated billing invoice (CBI) in your MFMP VIP account.
    • Report any additional fee eligible payments received from the state.
    • Remit the Transaction Fee.
  • Review vendor performance ratings in Vendor Performance Tracking (VPT)