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Vendor Performance Tracking (VPT)

MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) uses a custom application called the Vendor Performance Tracking (VPT) system to evaluate a vendor performance.  The VPT system is a component of the MFMP Vendor Information Portal (VIP) which allows vendors to register with the state and manage their transaction fees. VPT is integrated with the eProcurement system, MFMP Buyer. Agency customers receive email notifications from MFMP each time an invoice is paid against a MFMP purchase order (over $2,500), requesting that an optional vendor performance rating be completed. The Agency customer has 30 days to complete the survey and rate the vendor, on a scale of 1 to 5, in four different performance areas.


  • 1 means failed to meet most requirements/expectations 
  • 2 means failed to meet some requirements/expectations 
  • 3 means met requirements/expectations 
  • 4 means exceeded some requirements/expectations
  • 5 means exceeded most requirements/expectations


Performance Criteria 
  • “Performance to Specifications" meaning conformance of the commodities/service to the requirements of the order
  • “Delivery" comparing commodity delivery or service performance dates to the order schedule
  • “Invoicing" meaning comparing the pricing or budget, and invoice accuracy and detail, to order requirements
  • "Customer Service" rating the vendor's service, in areas such as communication and problem solving, to the customer's expectations

Agency customers can view average vendor ratings when creating a MFMP purchase order or can access VPT to search for a particular vendor and see all their applicable ratings. To login and view ratings that you have received, simply select the button below.

Vendor VPT Entrance


Vendor Performance Tracking (VPT) FAQs for Vendors