Department of Management Services

What is MyFloridaMarketPlace?

Welcome to MyFloridaMarketPlace - Florida's online exchange for buyers and vendors!

In operation for more than seven years, the system is a source for centralized procurement activities, streamlining interactions between vendors and state government entities, and providing the tools to support world class procurement for the State of Florida.

As a vendor, the system provides a centralized source of procurement information for the Florida business community, and the ability for vendors to communicate to a broader buying audience. Key benefits for vendors include:

  • Single point of registration : Vendors register once, and their information is then available to all buyers using the system.
  • State of the art tools : Electronic, Internet-based transactions provide a consistent and more efficient way of doing business with the State - less paperwork and manual steps.
  • Increased access to buying entities: Registering with MyFloridaMarketPlace will provide vendors with access to all buyers using the system.
  • Enhanced economic development opportunities for small businesses: MyFloridaMarketPlace enhances economic development opportunities for small business by increasing access to the "state" marketplace.

As a buyer, the system is a one-stop shop for accessing online catalogs and information about vendors that provide goods and services to the state. With MyFloridaMarketPlace, agencies will have a central database for all purchasing data. This will help to enable quicker, more thorough responses to inquiries, provide data for analytical purposes and future negotiations and information for generating Agency-wide reporting. Additional benefits include:

  • More Choice : MyFloridaMarketPlace provides online access to the system's registered vendors and their products/services. Additionally, Agencies will have online access to procurement vehicles such as State Term Contracts, quoting, and sourcing.
  • Reduction in paperwork : Online requisitions, purchase orders, and quoting/sourcing capability are just a few of the state of the art tools that buyers will now have access to in order to complete procurement activities. Additionally, MyFloridaMarketPlace provides automated workflow and online approvals for streamlined processing.
  • Faster order processing time : By automating the transactions, contracts, approvals, etc., the time from requisition to payment is reduced.
  • Reduction in the cost of goods and services: MyFloridaMarketPlace provides the State the opportunity to leverage its significant buying power by enabling Florida to act as a single entity during contract and purchasing negotiations.
  • Reduced overhead and processing costs: In addition to more accurate orders, automated workflow, and speed to fulfillment, the system helps to eliminate overhead costs on such items as on paper, printing, supplies, postage, mail and delivery services.

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