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Agency Alternate Contract Source (ACS) Requests

An Agency Alternate Contract Source (ACS) is a contract let by a federal, state, or local government that has been approved by the Department of Management Services (DMS), based on a determination that the contract is cost-effective and in the best interest of the state, for use by one Florida agency for purchases, without the requirement of competitive procurement. Alternate contract sources are authorized by subsection 287.042(16) and paragraph 287.057(3)(b), Florida Statutes, as implemented by Rule 60A-1.045, Florida Administrative Code. Please note that an Agency ACS differs from the alternate contract sources listed on the State Contracts and Agreements webpage, which are approved by DMS for use by all Florida agencies.


Agency Alternate Contract Source (ACS) Request Process

State agencies must submit a completed Agency Request for Approval of Alternate Contract Source (ACS) (PUR7102) (Microsoft Word Document 31.50 KB) to; the required agency signatures must be provided where indicated on the form. In addition to the completed form, agencies must provide the supporting documentation shown on the Agency Alternate Contract Source (ACS) Checklist (Adobe PDF Document 102.05 KB); alternatively, agencies may provide links to the supporting documentation, if available. Agencies must ensure that the proposed purchase matches the scope of work and specifications of the master contract.

Upon approval of the request, the Division of State Purchasing will submit a request to add the contract number to MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP), which may take up to two months; for example, if an Agency ACS request is approved on April 5, the contract number will not be available in MFMP until the end of May. After the contract number has been added, the requesting agency may create requisitions in MFMP using the Agency ACS.

Contact Information

Please direct any questions regarding Agency Alternate Contract Sources to