Department of Management Services

State Purchasing (PUR) Forms

Number Title Date Reference
PUR 1000 General Contract Conditions (Word) (Microsoft Word Document 114.50 KB)
General Contract Conditions (PDF) (Adobe PDF Document 223.94 KB)
10/06 60A-1.002, F.A.C.
PUR 1001 General Instructions to Respondents (Word) (Microsoft Word Document 75.00 KB)
General Instructions to Respondents (PDF) (Adobe PDF Document 216.46 KB)
10/06 60A-1.002, F.A.C.
PUR 1010 Notice of Non-Compliance (Microsoft Word Document 50.50 KB) 12/16 60A-1.016, F.A.C.
PUR 2011 Florida Certified Contact Negotiator Application (Microsoft Word Document 102.60 KB) 03/17 60A-1.041, F.A.C.
PUR 3776 Registered vendors complete the form electronically in the Vendor Information Portal. 08/04 60A-1.031, F.A.C.
PUR 3778 Request for Transaction Fee Exemption (Microsoft Word Document 345.50 KB) 04/17 N/A
PUR 3785 MyFloridaMarketPlace Confidential Information Removal Request Form (Microsoft Word Document 60.34 KB) 09/13 60A-1.033, F.A.C.
PUR 4016 Agency Request for Procurement of Insurance (Microsoft Word Document 28.84 KB) 12/16 60A-1.015, F.A.C.
PUR 7017 Complaint to Vendor (Microsoft Word Document 79.00 KB) 01/06 N/A
PUR 7102 Agency Request for Approval of Alternate Contract Source (ACS) (Microsoft Word Document 31.50 KB) 01/17 60A-1.045, F.A.C.
PUR 7103 Pricing Information Form (Microsoft Word Document 63.50 KB) 09/17 N/A
PUR 7662 Attestation of No Conflict (Microsoft Word Document 26.34 KB) 09/17 N/A
PUR 7776 Description of Intended Single Source Purchase (Microsoft Word Document 56.50 KB) 01/16 60A-1.045, F.A.C.
PUR 7778 Notice of Intended Decision to Enter into a Single Source Contract (Microsoft Word Document 55.00 KB) 01/16 60A-1.045, F.A.C.
PUR 7800 Notice of Emergency Purchase (Microsoft Word Document 59.50 KB) 01/17 60A-1.045, F.A.C.
PUR 9999 Notice of Default (Microsoft Word Document 55.00 KB) 05/05 N/A

Discontinued forms are provided for historical reference on the State Purchasing (PUR) Forms Archive webpage.


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