Department of Management Services

State Purchasing (PUR) Forms Archive

Please note that the forms on this webpage have been discontinued and are provided for historical reference only.

Number Title Date Reference
PUR 2012 Request for Approval of Equivalent Certified Negotiator Training Course (Microsoft Word Document 46.00 KB) 02/10 60A-1.041, F.A.C.
PUR 2013 Application for Recertification as Contract Negotiator (Microsoft Word Document 41.50 KB) 06/12 60A-1.041, F.A.C.
PUR 3777 Notice of Transaction Fee Exemption (Microsoft Excel Document 77.50 KB) 06/04 N/A
PUR 7004 Bid/Proposal/Negotiation Tabulation (Adobe PDF Document 29.28 KB) 05/06 N/A
PUR 7018 MyFloridaMarketPlace SPURS Action Request Form (Microsoft Word Document 99.00 KB) 05/08 N/A
PUR 7020 Vendor Application, Insurance Supplement (Microsoft Word Document 32.00 KB) 03/99 N/A
PUR 7028 Invitation to Bid, Bidder Acknowledgement (Adobe PDF Document 36.65 KB) 06/98 N/A
PUR 7029 Request for Assistance from Division of State Purchasing (Microsoft Word Document 35.00 KB) 05/05 N/A
PUR 7031 Invitation to Bid, Contractual Services, Bidder Acknowledgement (Adobe PDF Document 27.51 KB) 06/98 N/A
PUR 7033 Request for Proposal, Contractual Services, Bidder Acknowledgement (Adobe PDF Document 28.13 KB) 06/98 N/A
PUR 7051 Request for Proposal, Commodities, Bidder Acknowledgement (Adobe PDF Document 22.88 KB) 06/98 N/A
PUR 7062 Procurement Protest Bond (Adobe PDF Document 59.31 KB) 04/96 N/A
PUR 7077 Agency Authorization Designation (Microsoft Word Document 38.00 KB) 02/06 N/A
PUR 7105 Invitation to Negotiate, Acknowledgement (Adobe PDF Document 34.24 KB) 06/98 N/A
PUR 7721 Request for State Purchasing Agreement (Microsoft Word Document 54.00 KB) 10/04 60A-1.025, F.A.C.
PUR 7722 State Purchasing Agreement (Adobe PDF Document 38.05 KB) 01/04 N/A
PUR 7777 Single Source Certification and Request for Approval (Microsoft Word Document 42.50 KB) 07/05 60A-1.010, F.A.C.


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