Department of Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

    A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that takes on the primary responsibility for managing an organization’s temporary staffing needs.

  2. What is a Vendor management System (VMS)?

    A Vendor Management System (VMS) is an internet-enabled temporary staffing sourcing and billing application that enables an organization to procure and manage a wide range of temporary staffing services in accordance with the organization’s business rules.

  3. How do I request temporary staffing services?

    To request temporary staffing services, please click on the link below, complete the online form, then click on the submit button at the bottom of the page. The completed form will be sent to the Knowledge Services Team, who will work with the Customer to fulfill the request.

    Temporary Staffing Services Request Form

  4. What happens to my staffing request after I submit it?

    The Knowledge Services team will post the position request on the dotStaff™ Vendor Management System which is a configurable and flexible web based application that allows customers to request temporary staff, review and process bid submissions, schedule interviews, approve/deny time, approve/deny expenses and accept/reject milestones.

    The availability of the position will be released to all vendors at the same time.  The team may call you before releasing the position to ask a few questions and to make sure that the appropriate information is released to the vendor community.

  5. How will I receive the resumes of applicants?

    1. The Knowledge Services team can export all of those resumes and send them to you via email.  OR:

    2. You can be given a login to dotStaff™ to enable you to view all resumes from within the system.

  6. How soon can I expect to receive resumes?

    Knowledge Services has Service Level Agreements with vendors that require the vendors to submit candidates within four business days from the time that the position posting was released.  The submission can be done sooner if the customers list their requests as “urgent”.

  7. Who makes the selection of the temporary staff person that will be hired?

    The supervising manager will always make the decision on who is selected.  Knowledge Services can assist with the screening of resumes, but will never make that decision for the state customer or other user.  Knowledge Services is available to consult with hiring managers before positions are advertised or filled.

  8. After I make a selection, how quickly can the temporary staff person begin work?

    The selected candidate can begin work as soon as a purchase order is in place and all of the applicable onboarding requirements (Background Check, Drug Screen, etc.) are completed.  Knowledge Services must receive a purchase order or contract in order to take the actions necessary to complete the process for authorizing the selected candidate to report for work. The purchase order or contract must be in place before selected candidates may begin any employment activities including receiving any necessary training.

  9. How do I pay for the temporary staff?

    Your Purchase Orders will be made out to Guidesoft Inc. (doing business as Knowledge Services).  Knowledge Services will submit invoices weekly to the point of contact listed in the Purchase Order or contract.  Department of Financial Services will pay Knowledge Services, and Knowledge Services will pay the vendors.