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Effective Period
02/11/2016 through 02/11/2021
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  • Frank Miller
  • Commodity Codes
    UNSPSC-53100000, UNSPSC-47000000, UNSPSC-47120000, UNSPSC-24121500, UNSPSC-81112000, UNSPSC-30102800, UNSPSC-30103600, UNSPSC-30102900, UNSPSC-56101600, UNSPSC-56101530, UNSPSC-52121500, UNSPSC-56101700, UNSPSC-44110000, UNSPSC-56121000, UNSPSC-25172500, UNSPSC-31211500


    The Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc. (PRIDE) Memorandum of Agreement includes:


    Twill, unisex, V-neck pullover jail shirts, mock fly, elastic waistband jail pants, men, and women underwear, 50/50 poly/cotton medium weight T-shirts, cotton socks, and firefighting shirts/pants.

    Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies

    A variety of home, office, and industrial cleaning products, and supplies, including dish and laundry detergents, soaps, deliming solutions, sanitizers, vehicle cleaners, degreasers, shampoo, and polishes.

    Corrugated Boxes

    A variety of corrugated cardboard file, and storage boxes.

    Digital Imaging Services

    The conversion of paper and film media to a digital format suitable for import to an existing, or planned electronic document management (EDM) system.


    A variety of wood fencing materials.

    Furniture, Park Recreational

    Trash receptacles, benches, picnic tables, ground mounted grills, other park furnishings, and accessories.

    Mattress, Polyester Fiberfill & Synthetic Foam

    Conventional mattresses with polyester fiberfill material for use in open-type housing and medium/minimum custody areas where the likelihood of intentionally set fires are minimal.  White muslin bleached flat sheets, and pillowcases.

    Office Furniture

    Office furniture, including desks, hutches, bookcases, chairs, modular furniture, and lounge seating.

    Office Products (Formerly Signage)

    Customizable engraved ADA compliant office signage. Envelopes available in different sizes, and configurations.

    Shelving, Metal, Open & Closed

    Opened and closed metal shelving units in a variety of dimensions, and colors.

    Tire Recapping

    A variety of truck and trailer tire recaps. The recaps are available for trailer wheel regional application, line haul application, and spread axle. Recaps are available for truck wheel regional application, line haul application, and on/off road tread for all wheel positions, regional or refuse service applications.

    Traffic Paint, Water Emulsion-Based

    Fast-dry water based traffic paints that are single-packaged, and ready mixed.



    • Wide product selection with thousands of items on Memorandum of Agreement
    • Statewide coverage
    • P-card accepted
    • Competitive bid exempt