Department of Management Services

Educational/Institutional Furniture - EXPIRED420-420-10-1

Effective Period
06/01/2010 through 05/31/2018
Contract Type
State Term Contract
Contract Information
Contract Documents
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Contract Administration
  • Brenda Wells
  • Commodity Codes
    415-140, 415-280, 415-420, 420-030, 420-050, 420-070, 420-100, 420-120, 420-140, 420-170, 420-200, 420-210, 420-240, 420-280, 420-310, 420-350, 420-380, 420-420, 420-450, 420-490, 420-520, 420-590, 420-700, 420-870, 420-910, 880-090, 880-200, 880-900, UNSPSC-30161800, UNSPSC-31261500, UNSPSC-31241700, UNSPSC-45111500, UNSPSC-48102000, UNSPSC-48102100, UNSPSC-56101504, UNSPSC-56101515, UNSPSC-56101530, UNSPSC-56101542, UNSPSC-56101600, UNSPSC-56101700, UNSPSC-56101900, UNSPSC-56112101, UNSPSC-56112105, UNSPSC-56121000, UNSPSC-56121500, UNSPSC-56122000

    Additional Information

    This contract will be replaced by the alternate contract source for Educational Furniture (56110000-18-NASPO-ACS) on June 1, 2018.


    This state term contract includes the purchase of educational facility or institutional furniture, specifically dormitory furniture, cafeteria / dining furniture, classroom furniture, laboratory furniture, outdoor furniture, folding tables & chairs, auditorium seating. lockers, stages & risers, individual and multiple seating units, and healthcare furniture. Remanufactured / refurbished products, park accessories, site accessories, medical equipment, lighting, carpets/rugs and decorative accessories are not included in this contract.


    • Discounts range from 20 percent to 65 percent off of list price (MSRP), with an average discount of 46 percent
    • Additional discounts for large quantity orders are available
    • 90-day delivery time
    • Statewide coverage
    • Toll-free access to customer service representatives
    • Wide product selection with approximately 500,000 plus items on contract
    • Five-year warranty coverage or the period stated in the manufacturer's warranty, whichever is greater. Fabric and pneumatic cylinders are warranted for a minimum of one year.
    • Certified minority vendor availability
    • Pricing tied to Producer Price Index and GSA to keep current with market
    • The following value-added services are available: installation, inspection, and assembly of items delivered in the area designated by the customer, as well as prompt removal and disposal of any debris associated with the delivery. Space planning / design is also available in this contract.