Department of Management Services

Fuel Card Services973-163-10-1

Effective Period
08/06/2010 through 08/05/2020
Contract Type
State Term Contract
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Contract (Adobe PDF Document 1.83 MB)
Contract Administration
  • Christopher McMullen
  • Commodity Codes
    Please refer to “How to Use This Contract” in the Contract Information section above.

    Additional Information

    Fuel cards are primarily intended to be used to purchase fuel; however, fuel cards may be used to purchase commodities or services for immediate use to address an emergency or otherwise unplanned situation that impedes the safe operation of the customer’s vehicle (e.g. a flat tire or breakdown). Commodities may include, but are not limited to, motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper blades, fuses, and individual replacement tires (in cases where damaged tires cannot be repaired). Services may include, but are not limited to, car washes, vehicle maintenance, vehicle repairs, tire service, and towing. Fuel cards should not be used for routine maintenance (e.g. the replacement of tires due to regular wear). State agencies and eligible users are encouraged to use the alternate contract source for Tires, Tubes and Services (25172500-19-ACS) to purchase tires and related services (e.g. mounting, alignment, etc.).


    This state term contract includes fuel card services that enable customers to purchase all grades of unleaded gasoline, fuel oil (e.g. on-road and off-road diesel), aviation fuel, and marine fuel from participating merchants (e.g. gas stations) at negotiated rates. Fuel cards may be used to purchase commodities or services for immediate use as described above.