Department of Management Services

How to Use this Contract

The Following is an overview of the state term contract for Information Technology Independent Verification and Validation Services (IV&V). Please review the entire contract to be sure that your use is in agreement with its provisions. Your use of the contract must also comply with state law and procurement rules adopted by your agency.


Customers needing independent verification and validation services will create a Request for Quotes (RFQ) eQuote event in MyFloridaMarketPlace Sourcing, each time they desire to solicit independent verification and validation services.  The Customer shall issue a detailed RFQ that includes a term, service levels, educational qualifications and experience needed.

The Customer shall review the contractor’s Work Plan & IV &V Methodology (Exhibit C) and select at least three (3) awarded Contractors for the RFQ event in MyFloridaMarketPlace.

Work Plan & IV &V Methodology (Exhibit C):

Request for Quotes Content

The specific format of the RFQ is left to the discretion of the Customer's Contracting Officer. Pursuant to s. 287.056(3), F.S., RFQs performed within the scope of this Contract are not independent competitive solicitations and are not subject to the notice or challenge provisions of s. 120.57(3), F.S.

When drafting an RFQ, the Customer must include the following information, but may also include additional information:

a)      Statement of Purpose / Need

b)      Scope of Work

c)       Project Tasks and Deliverables

d)      Project Timeline

e)      List of Contractor Responsibilities

f)        Qualifications / Certifications of the Consultant(s)

g)       Method of Compensation

h)      Financial Consequences for Non-Performance

i)        Special Terms and Conditions

RFQ Pricing Models

Two RFQ pricing models are available to Customers to procure services pursuant to this state term contract:

a)  Hourly Rate Pricing - The Contractor shall provide services at an hourly rate price that does not exceed their hourly rate in this Contract. Contractor prices in this Contract are “not to exceed” prices and lower pricing may be negotiated by the Customer.

b)  Project-Based Pricing - A project-based pricing model may be used by the Customer instead of an hourly rate model to accomplish goals and tasks that include more complex requirements.  The Contractor shall multiply hourly rate prices, which do not exceed their hourly rate in this Contract, by the number of hours per task to determine each deliverable price. 

Customers who choose to use a project-based pricing model shall negotiate all pricing associated with the completion of each task and deliverable with the selected Contractor. Project-based pricing should be fully detailed in the Customer’s Statement of Work. Customers requesting project-based pricing shall ask Contractors submitting quotes for supporting information and / or documentation that will allow Customers to better understand the offer and thus more effectively negotiate pricing.

Pricing Sheet:


Customers shall order IV&V services via a purchase order after completing a Request for Quotes. Customers are permitted to negotiate terms and conditions which supplement those contained in the Contract. Such additional terms shall not conflict with the terms and conditions established by the Contract (and any such conflicting terms shall be resolved in favor of terms most favorable to the Customer, as determined by the Department). Purchase order-specific terms and conditions are only applicable to that specific purchase order and shall not be construed as an amendment to the Contract.


As a reminder Customers shall complete a Contractor Performance Survey (Exhibit D) for each Contractor on a Quarterly basis.  Customers will submit the completed Contractor Performance Survey(s) by email to the Department Contract Manager no later than the due date indicated in Section 1.34 of the contract.

Contractor Performance Survey (Exhibit D):