Department of Management Services

Information Technology Staff Augmentation Services80101507-SA-15-01

How to Use This Contract

 The following is an overview of the State Term Contract for Information Technology (IT) Staff Augmentation Services. Please review the entire contract  to be sure that your use is in agreement with its provisions. You must also comply with purchasing requirements imposed by state law and by your agency.

This contract provides a broad range of IT Staff Augmentation Service is using the following model:

Staff-oriented (Staff Augmentation) model:
– To meet a specific need for clearly identifiable services or routine tasks
– Procured through direct labor hours at specified fixed hourly rates
– Rates should be negotiated by the Customer at or below the contract –ceiling rates
– Risk remains with agency
– Request for quote (RFQ) required.

Purchase Orders

A Customer shall order services via a purchase order. Purchase orders shall establish direct labor hours at specified fixed hourly rates not to exceed those in the awarded Contract.

When creating purchase orders for this Contract the Customer shall attach to the purchase order a completed signed Contractor Selection Justification Form (Exhibit C) for each candidate included in the purchase order. Purchase order-specific terms and conditions are only applicable to that specific purchase order and shall not be construed as an amendment to this Contract.

Customers shall use a Request for Quote per section 287.056(2), Florida Statutes, for this State Term Contract. Customer shall order services from their Request for Quote using a purchase order.

Request for Quotes

Customers needing IT Staff Augmentation Services will create a Request for Quote (RFQ) eQuote event in MyFloridaMarketPlace Sourcing, each time they desire to solicit IT Staff Augmentation Services. 

   1. The Customer shall issue a detailed RFQ that includes a term, service levels, educational qualifications and experience needed.

   2. The Customer shall select at least three (3) awarded Contractors from this STC for the RFQ eQuote event.

  •  MyFloridaMarketPlace Sourcing will automatically add an additional five (5) randomly selected awarded Contractors to the RFQ eQuote event. All eight (8) awarded Contractors sent the RFQ will receive an alert of the RFQ and          may respond. Customers may view the RFQ Contractor List on the event’s “Suppliers” tab.
  •  The Customer shall confirm that all Contractors, automatically and manually added to the eQuote, are contracted for the specific job numbers being solicited (see the Price Sheet located in the Contract Information section of the IT Staff Augmentation Services Contract website for job details.
  •  The specific format of the RFQ is left to the discretion of the Customer's Contracting Officer.
  •  All Customers who utilize MyFloridaMarketPlace system must use the Sourcing application for creating RFQ’s on this contract. 
  •  Customers who do not utilize MyFloridaMarketPlace will create an RFQ document each time they desire to solicit IT Staff Augmentation Services and shall send the RFQ document electronically via email to at least (8) awarded      Contractors. 

Resume Self-Certification Form

When submitting a response to an RFQ the Contractor shall submit with its response a signed Resume Self-Certification Form (Exhibit B) to the Customer for each candidate included in the RFQ response. 

MyFloridaMarketPlace Customers

To access MyFloridaMarketPlace, log in to MFMP Buyer using the username and password provided by your agency system administrator.