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Microsoft Premier Support and Consulting Services43230000-15-01

Effective Period
01/12/2017 through 08/24/2024
Contract Type
State Term Contract
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Contract Administration
  • Jennifer Reed
  • Commodity Codes
    UNSPSC-43232701, UNSPSC-43230000, UNSPSC-43232300, UNSPSC-43232400, UNSPSC-43232800, UNSPSC-43233004, UNSPSC-43233400, UNSPSC-43232500, UNSPSC-43231500, UNSPSC-43231507, UNSPSC-43232700, UNSPSC-43232900, UNSPSC-43232705, UNSPSC-80101507 , UNSPSC-43231513


    This state term contract provides the Microsoft Premier Support and Consulting Services.  Microsoft Corporation provides specific consulting services and premier support to customers.  


    Microsoft makes available all Microsoft software licensing agreements required to meet the needs of state of Florida customers.

    Premier Support offers:

    • Designated account management and technical support resources
    • Proactive support assistance, advice and guidance on IT issues such as performance concerns, configuration assistance and best practices
    • 24/7 problem resolution support
    • Critical situation management and onsite support
    • Workshops to help IT staff develop the skills to mitigate problems before they occur
    • Online information services to enable IT staff to remain up to date on the latest Microsoft products and technologies.

    Consulting Services:

    • Provides technical advisors and architects to help customers plan, design and implement solutions leveraging Microsoft products, tools and technologies.
    • Services can be provided as a fixed rate or on a per hour basis for the following:
      • Microsoft Product Consulting Services
      • Cloud Vantage Services
      • Business and Mission Critical Services
      • Client Solutions
      • Dynamics Solutions
      • Business Productivity Services
      • Voice Communications Services