Department of Management Services

Motor Vehicles25100000-18-1

Effective Period
11/17/2017 through 11/16/2019
Contract Type
State Term Contract
Contract Information
Contract Documents
Executed Contracts (Adobe PDF Document 1.12 MB)
Contract Administration
  • Christopher McMullen
  • Commodity Codes
    Please refer to “How to Use This Contract” in the Contract Information section above.


    This is a statewide contract for Motor Vehicles. This contract provides State Agencies and eligible users with the ability to purchase new 2018 models at a discount off of MSRP on: automobiles, passenger vans, cargo vans, sport utility vehicles, light pickup trucks, chassis-cab trucks, low-speed vehicles, truck bodies, and installed options. Styles Include: Law Enforcement Automobiles, Law Enforcement SUVs, Law Enforcement Motorcycles, Law Enforcement Pickup Trucks, Automobiles, Low-Speed Vehicles, Passenger Vans, Cargo Vans, SUVs, and Pickup and Chassis-Cab Trucks (Class 1 through Class 5).

    The Department strongly encourages ALL potential users of this contract to plan ahead to prevent any potential delays.  Please review the Contract Documents, "How to Use this Contract" Instructions, and "Frequently Asked Questions" for this State Term Contract.


    State of Florida Base Vehicle Prices and Options Discounts equate to average approximate discount 70% percent off of list price (MSRP).

    • Additional discounts possible for large quantity, identical motor vehicle, orders.

    Brands Include: Chevrolet, Club Car, Cruise Car, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, GMC, Jeep, Motor Electric, Nissan, Toyota, Harley Davidson, International and RAM.

    • Wide product selection with approximately 525 State of Florida Base Vehicles on contract, each with associated Manufacturer's Options, and select Aftermarket Options.

    Manufacturer's standard most-inclusive government Warranty.

    Lead-Time: Approximate 30 - 190 Days (Based on State of Florida base vehicle, options and production).

    Prices established for the State of Florida Base Vehicles individually include the following charges and fees:

                1. Administrative
                2. Environmental
                3. Title Application and Registration
                4. Plate Transfer
                5. Preparation
                6. Handling
                7. Freight
                8. Shipping
                9. FOB Delivery to any point within the State of Florida
                10. Warranty and
                11. Any other charges or fees necessary to deliver the State of Florida Base Vehicle according to the requirements, specifications, terms, and conditions, exclusive of taxes.