Department of Management Services

About Registration and the Convicted and Suspended Vendor Lists

Registration in MyFloridaMarketPlace

By registering with MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP), potential vendors are able to do business with State of Florida executive branch agencies. The registration process gives vendors the opportunity to select various categories that the vendor may be interested in.

Selecting (or deciding not to select) any given category does not bar any vendor from later bidding on a solicitation related to that category. Pursuant to its operating statutes ( Chapter 287, Fla. Stat.), the Department does not limit solicitations to any pre-selected group. Any registered entity may bid on any given solicitation.

The primary benefits of the category-selection process are:

  • When making discretionary purchases, agencies and other Eligible Users (see 60A-1.005, FAC) can identify potential vendors by searching the vendor database for entities registered for a particular category, and
  • The system will generate automated emails to all registered vendors in a category, whenever a bid is released related to that category. (Please note: It is the vendor's responsibility to actively monitor the system for open solicitations. Email notification is an additional service provided by the Department but the system's failure to send a particular email does not give a vendor a right of action against the Department or any agency using the system.)

Legal materials refer to this registration process as the Vendor List 1. The Department stresses that does not investigate or "pre-approve" vendors on the Vendor List and agencies are cautioned that determinations of responsibility must be made by the agency at the time of award. 2

Suspended Vendors

Pursuant to rule 60A-1.006(2) - (4), Fla. Admin. Code (available online at the Florida Department of State's FAC website), an agency or the Department of Management Services may "suspend" a vendor - that is, remove the vendor from the MFMP list - for breach of contract or other default.

Convicted Vendors

Pursuant to s. 287.133, F.S., and rule 60A-1.006(5), F.A.C., the Department shall keep a "Convicted Vendor List" identifying vendors who have committed a public entity crime. 3 Inclusion on this list bars a vendor from doing any business with the state. 4 As such, the Department will also remove any Convicted Vendor from the master Vendor list.


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