Department of Management Services

Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services - EXPIRED973-561-10-1

Effective Period
09/14/2009 through 02/28/2017
Contract Type
State Term Contract
Contract Information
Contract Documents
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Contract Administration
  • Carla McBride
  • Commodity Codes
    973-561, UNSPSC-80101507


    This state term contract is for a broad range of IT Services, including analysis and design (e.g., IT planning, studies, and assessment to assist organizations in both information technology capital planning and assessment), development and integration (e.g., management of systems integration, system and software development, modernization of legacy systems to web enabled applications, software development, customization of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software packages, migration to modular applications, development and integration of internet/intranet/web applications, security, firewalls, critical infrastructures, networks (e.g. Local Area Networks (LANs), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), and Wide Area Networks (WANs), data warehousing, electronic commerce/electronic data interchange (EDI), groupware, next generation internet, client/server computing, and workflow and imaging), operational and support (e.g., management and support of LAN/WAN/MANs, computer systems administration, management and maintenance, data entry, data storage, data retrieval, and electronic records management, specialized workstation (i.e., CAD, CAD/CV, GIS) support, computer equipment maintenance (both on-going and on-call), desktop support, production support, database generation and database management, data and/or media management, document imaging services, disaster recovery services, orientation and training, and information center/help desk), and staff augmentation (e.g., non-project oriented needs for technical resources).


    • A formal bid process is not required by the agency
    • Best practices for agencies are built in to the contract
    • Vendors are pre-qualified and project and practice areas are specified
    • Hourly rates are classified, capped, and easily accessible to users before the buying process begins
    • The request for proposal (RFQ) process provides for further refinement and competition on price and service