Department of Management Services

State Technology

The Florida Division of State Technology provides the State with guidance and strategic direction on a variety of transformational technologies, such as cybersecurity and data analytics, while also providing the following critical services: voice, data, software and much more.

DST manages the State Data Center (State’s Private Cloud), champions a cloud-first policy for agencies, and contracts essential technology services for state employees. DST also helps agencies order from several master contracts, designed to provide exceptional services at competitive prices. The division also handles invoicing and billing, streamlining processes to provide customers with only one bill for a diverse inventory of telecommunications services. 

DST plays a vital role in contracting, coordinating and managing effective public safety communications and technology throughout Florida. This encompasses all levels of government and includes managing the statewide law enforcement radio system, also known as SLERS; overseeing the State E911 Board; and supporting 911 services in partnership with local government entities. The functions of these services are vital to the safety of Florida’s first responders, residents, and visitors.


Benefits of Partnering with State Technology

  • Cost savings to customers through volume procurement and competitive bidding
  • Experienced assistance in adapting customers to changing technology
  • Specialized technical expertise
  • Cutting-edge technology standards and seamless interoperability
  • Secure protection for state assets and information
  • 24-hour customer service, network monitoring, and problem resolution
  • Robust security protections
  • ISO/IEC 20000 and ITIL-oriented processes
  • Self-service customer portals
  • Uptime Institute certified, Tier III-built data center facility
  • Ability to integrate with Customers’ IT Service Management (ITSM) ticketing tools for streamlined service management