Department of Management Services

Statewide Text-to-911 Initiative


Only text to 911 when you cannot make a 911 voice call!

Areas of the state are beginning to implement text messaging to 911. The following map shows the availability of text messaging to 911 and the progression for those areas implementing the service.

Text-to-911 Map - Updated August 22 2019

The County Text-to-911 Information Listing (Adobe PDF Document 67.59 KB) provides county-provided information and details on the individual county system configuration and status, as displayed in the map above.

The E911 Board unanimously supports each county in the deployment of text-to-911 throughout the state. To advance text-to-911 efforts in Florida, the E911 Board and the department provide a Statewide Text-to-911 Initiative (Adobe PDF Document 1.68 MB) planning resource to assist counties with their text-to-911 implementation. To actively promote a statewide text-to-911 implementation, the E911 Board is providing financial support defined in the guide. Once a county has determined their text control center provider, delivery method, and staffing for the text-to-911 service, it should provide the information and submit the Text-to-911 Special Disbursement Submission Form to the E911 Board staff. 

Text-to-911 Fund Request Form (Microsoft Excel Document 15.82 KB)

Text-to-911 Fund Request Form Instructions  (Adobe PDF Document 408.79 KB)